Welcome to a New World!


Ladies and gentleman welcome to Fresh Take Sports dot com and yes for the record that may be the only time I refer to the site as such. I like the sound of FTS or Fresh Take. I hope you all enjoy the varied content. When we say fresh, we want to bring you sports news that is as refreshing as newly squeezed lemonade in the hot Georgia sun. Which means (as I’m sure you will be pleased to hear) this is a TEBOW FREE ZONE, because as that one lady on that one video would say “Aint nobody got time for that”. (Ebonics really has a way of getting a point across.) See that’s what you’re going to get here, sports talk like no other, a new more youthful perspective and we encourage you to comment and email us ALL THE TIME. Your interaction is what’s going to make the site thrive!  So read a post, post a tweet, like our page, tell a friend or three (baby mama’s cousin sister n dem’ included). Because we are FRESH TAKE SPORTS and we are here for the people.

As always STAY FRESH!

– Glass

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