Atlanta Hawks Free Agency Wish List

If there was there was any reason to doubt that the hawks intended to be major players in upcoming free agency period it all went away around 7:30 est on Sunday when it was announced that Atlanta had traded away Lou Will and the rights to Lucas Nogueira for John Salmons, who is thought to be immediately cut to free up cap room. His dismissal will leave the team close to 16 million to play with this off season. That’s enough to get one front line player slightly below elite status or a couple of pieces to help fill out the roster.  Which is great but we all know that success in F/A largely come down to making the right moves not always taking the flashy name. Here are a few guys the hawks should be giving a call to once the clock hits midnight. Continue reading Atlanta Hawks Free Agency Wish List

NBA Offseason Domino Effect

It’s that time of the basketball year again. The time where executives all around the league are plotting their next moves while players do the same. We’re talking about the offseason. Now to the average fan it all seems so simple. Teams call players, the players either say yes or no, then rosters are rearranged. Well turns out the offseason is a little more complicated than that. As anyone that’s watched ESPN in the last week knows, LeBron James might be looking for a new team. Why is that such a big deal? Well it’s because as soon as Lebron makes his decision the NBA Offseason Domino Effect will be fully underway.

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Group Phase Overview

The World Cup’s group stages has not been a disappointment. Most of the matches have been exciting! Half of the time I’ve seen spectators have more impressive celebrations than those doing the business. Where ever you are viewing it or if your stealing your neighbors cable or internet it is a glorious event and seems to stir something in the heart you might not have realized was there. That passion for the sport of soccer is definitely growing especially with the success of the Yanks advancing to the oh so sweet 16.

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The Fellowship of the First Trade

“It is not our part to master the tides of the world, but to do what is within us for the years wherein we are set”

By the time the first Lord of the Rings movie was released in 2001, Phil Jackson already earned 9 championship rings, but considering Phil is now a president for the first time in his career, Knick fans around the country are wondering if there is enough magic left for one more ride to glory. Running a successful NBA franchise is like building a complex puzzle. After acquiring 13 rings as a player & coach, Jackson is now trying to put the pieces together for his 14th run at NBA immortality. So without further delay let’s review his first trade as a President of basketball operations. Continue reading The Fellowship of the First Trade

Goodbye, Brooklyn? Jason Kidd Making Power Moves.

“He who does not seek all the power will be left with none of the power.”

This is a lesson we see repeat itself over and over again in both the history books and in HBO’s Game of Thrones. Jason Kidd has apparently learned this lesson and is intent on staying true to its principle by putting his current position with the Brooklyn Nets at risk in order to make a power play and gain more titles to his office door. Continue reading Goodbye, Brooklyn? Jason Kidd Making Power Moves.


The 2014 NBA off-season is fully underway now that the draft has come and gone. Like every off-season, free agency has the attention of coaches, executives, and fans all around the league. This off-season is headlined by many major possible free agents. Some of which have already made their decision to stay put, like Tim Duncan, Zach Randolph and Rudy Gay. Then there are the stars like Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony who have decided to opt out of their contracts already and test the waters of free agency. With other stars like Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Lance Stephenson and Eric Bledsole still deciding whether or not to stick around, teams all around the league are clearing cap space as quickly as possible and getting ready to pursue the big names on the market.

Most teams and fans want to land that big name player and shell out $15million or more a season for him. The only problem with that is you risk gutting your bench just to create the money to sign him. There are plenty of free agents out there that can help make any team a contender right away for half the price. With that being said, let’s take a look at this year’s best free agents that are flying under the radar.


  1. Kyle Lowry  PG  6’0”  205 lbs

2013-14 Stats: 17.9 PPG  7.4 APG  4.7 RPG  1.5 SPG  PER: 20.20

Last season the Toronto Raptors were the NBA’s biggest surprise. They went from a bottom feeder in the East to the number three seed for the East in the playoffs Continue reading NBA FREE AGENTS THAT ARE UNDER THE RADAR