World Cup Fever

The world’s largest sports spectacle is upon us again!

South Africa was very ground breaking being the first African nation to host a World Cup. The host nation did not disappoint on the pitch as well as housing the rowdiest fans in the world. The tournament marked one of the last times the incomparable Nelson Mandela was seen reppin’ the colours of Bofana Bofana (The Boys The Boys). Spain took home the coveted Jules Rimet trophy in dramatic fashion courtesy of an Andres Iniesta strike to send the Dutch home in tears.

Now a new journey awaits the players, coaches, & fans in Brazil!

Home of one of the most prolific footballing nations to ever play the beautiful game! The globe will be glued to television screens across the world. Some folks will be giving up sleep, skipping work, school, and even traveling long distances to see the magic, suspense, poetry, passion, pride, & glory that the World Cup provides.

Social media platforms will be in a frenzy minute by minute as the action unravels. One goal can lift a nation into the heavens and inspire the new class of greats to grab a ball and kick it about. Those spirited young boys and girls even play in the streets in the pouring rain to emulate the greats of the past & present.

Most people don’t even care for a ball; some of the best footballers honed their skills in adverse conditions using whatever resembled a ball. The venue made no difference it could be on a dirt field, in the street, or on a tennis court; half the time with no shoes to wear and an imagination to see goals out of the most common objects. Two sticks and a ball equals GAME ON! The dreams of those young men of years past have now become reality and the extravaganza will begin on June 12, 2014!

Each team will put the hopes of their friends, family, and country on their back and give each citizen something to root for!

-Sonii ¤

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