Say it’s not so Dwight!

Some very disturbing news has come to light about Dwight Howard that could jeopardize his career and shatter the grounds of his personal life moving forward.  Reports surfaced on Twitter and various other sites that the Houston Rockets center is having an affair with a 16-year-old named Debbie.  So far, this is nothing beyond speculation and shady allegations but it is clear that Howard knows this girl.  He has failed to comment on anything as of yet.


The public needs answers; that is certain.  Especially since there are pictures of the two holding hands in a hotel room with another little girl and room service across the table.  The 16-year-old also blasted Howard with screenshots of text messages supposedly between the two of them but this could easily be fabricated.  Does this Colin Kaepernick look alike actually have something against Houston’s franchise player?


What reason does Debbie, if that is even her real name, have to lie; besides for money and 15 minutes of fame?  Wait, those are some good reasons that we know have been used before.  The bottom line is that the care free Howard does have multiple children with multiple women, that already brings in to question his Christian morals he claims to follow. I just hope he isn’t stupid enough to have an affair with a high school student.  He may be a bit immature and goofy at times, but not stupid.  Either way we should be cautious on this until we know what is really going on between “Superman” and this high school girl that he is flying out to see him.  Howard won’t be able to hide for long in a market where the spotlight is much bigger than Orlando provided so the truth will come to light. – AK ¤

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