The Fisher and The Water Bearer

“The age of Aquarius is ushered in by the water bearer.”


This is a quote only people with Zen powers can understand. On June 10th, The Zen Master himself poured new life into a floundering Knicks team by announcing Derek Fisher as the 26th head coach in Franchise History. The obvious ‘puppet-politician’ questions ensued at the press conference; “Do you have the experience?”, “Are you qualified to be a NBA head coach?”, “How much input will Phil Jackson have?” “Are you a Manchurian Candidate?” With the relentless New York media in top form, a calm, cool and collected Fisher put his political skills to work.

Back in 2006, Fisher was announced president of the NBA players union, dealing with the pressures of the media has always been a part of his job. Experience like that will help any new head coach working in Madison Square Garden, but can the Zen Master’s first major decision be a proverbial ‘slam dunk’? We can easily psychoanalyze the hiring of Derek Fisher. It’s clear Phil Jackson has surrounded New York with championship personnel. Get ready Knicks fans, the water bearer has poured out a Fisher, and a new age is now upon us.

– Matt Fresh ¤

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