Another Option



In about a week the 2014 World Champions of Professional Basketball will have been crowned. The NFL will still have a few months before it starts its season and the MLB doesn’t get interesting to the common sports fan until October.

So what are we to do during this cruel coincidence of the sports world taking time off at the same time we are? Well, we could pretend to be entertained by whatever sports storylines ESPN can find like where Carmelo will not win a championship next or what Johnny Football does with his toenail clippings. Or you could give my idea a chance.

It just so happens that summer time is the best time of the year to get into professional wrestling…


I’m not a 30-year-old balding fan boy in his mother’s basement wearing a grease stained Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt and small jean shorts with my crack hanging out. I’m fully aware that the finishes are pre-determined, the holds are somewhat fake and the moves are intended to not hurt.

That’s not the point. Pro wrestling isn’t about a physical about in terms of reality. It’s a realistic fantasy world that you must temporarily buy into in order to enjoy. Is it realistically plausible that two men that hate each other will travel together all over the world strip to their underwear and oil up just to fight? Nope not at all. But is it any less plausible that a school teacher with lung cancer becomes an indescribably hardcore crystal meth kingpin? C’mon people.

The WWE, the only mainstream national wrestling organization of merit, is geared towards children these days. Since those kids are now out of school, the WWE amps up the intensity of its storylines. Currently the World Heavyweight Champion has been stripped of his title, the most dominant team of the company has broken up and the roster is full of young hungry guys who are capable of bringing back the type of talent we saw in our childhoods back when wrestling was cool.

These are your choices ladies and gentlemen, discussing the possibility of Richard Sherman suffering from a “Madden Curse” or compelling weekly television, you decide.

By the way, the answer to that Manziel question is he throws them away … I hope.

-Farrell Brown

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