FTS World Cup Predictions!

As I look into my crystal ball I see a very exciting tournament ahead!

This month will be filled with triumph and heartache. Whomever you support will surely keep you on edge for an unforgettable rollercoaster ride. The Brazilians are the clear cut Florida Gators of this bracket, especially with a whole nation of alcohol driven soccer fanatics backing them. My dark horse of the tournament is Belgium. I feel the boys will have a very impressive showing. And make it all the way to the semi-final. The group qualifiers go as follows:


A1 Brazil A2 Croatia

B1 Spain B2 Holland

C1 Colombia C2 Ivory Coast

D1 Italy D2 England

E1 France E2 Switzerland

F1 Argentina F2 Bosnia & Herzegovina

G1 Germany G2 Portugal

H1 Belgium H2 Russia


It pains me to leave the Americans out. I will be vehemently rooting on the stars and stripes but somehow as a sports writer you have to separate your heart from the reality of the situation. The Group of Death is called that for a reason and the USA have their work cut out for them. This tournament features the best teams and it was quite a chore narrowing down the teams from start to finish. Germany is an amazing squad that has the most weapons to beat any opponent in a multitude of ways. My predictions worry me though, Messi and Rooney can single handedly bust my brackets if they can stay in sparkling form. Somehow I have the Belgians downing Messi and Argentina. I feel it’s the coming out party of baby Drogba: Romelu Lukaku, so we’ll see how that farfetched call gets me. Brazil will have a tough road ahead as I have them beating the Netherlands, England, & Germany to make it to the finals, unfortunately for the host nation I see Espana (Spain) repeating as champions. The final four will go in this order: Spain, Brazil, Germany & Belgium. Spain possesses the ball better than any team and they can attack like a venomous python without a moment’s notice. Brazil’s style and flair will surely leave a lasting impression and bring back the lost art of Joga Bonita! World Cup, Brazil, and world its GO TIME! Let the festivities commence.

-BoSo Boakai Sonii ¤

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