The King… of Deja vu

“And this fall Ima take my talents to South Beach and the join the Miami Heat!”

That was LeBron James 4 years ago, and let’s just say, he probably would like a do over. The King, The Chosen One, The Hometown Hero, had just told his beloved flock that basically, I can’t win a title here, so I need to head down to Miami with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to get this ring. This all on live television by the way. Where was Michael Buffer when you needed him? The city had just lost the only hope they had for a major sports championship in front of millions of people, it crushed them. The whole city was ready to rumble! Me personally, I saw nothing wrong with publicly telling the world Cleveland wasn’t good enough and Miami was the best place for you. Obviously for many reasons we all can agree with those sentiments. Warm weather South Beach, Pat Riley, Prime 112 steaks, oh and did I mention South Beach? Then the preseason celebration took place and THIS happened. Somewhere Skip Bayless was begging for Lebron to stop talking. After this Declaration it was only 1 thing the King could do, right? Go out and choke in the 2011 NBA, of course!

But that was 3 years ago and 2 titles with a POTENTIAL 3rd on the way. Here we stand again. King James can opt out of his contract and be become a free agent, but the question is will The Decision Pt.2 take place? Drumroll Please…No it won’t, and honestly you shouldn’t expect it to.

Let’s take a look at the circumstances here. Here’s a guy who could possibly be coming off of a 3rd straight title with a possible chance to keep the gang intact for at least another 4 years and have another 4 cracks at championships. What other destinations offer him that? Let’s examine.

The Cleveland Cavaliers:  ok yea let’s stop right there me and you both know Kyrie Irving Kevin Love hell, Ms. Gloria James couldn’t get Lebron back to Cleveland! Not as long as Donald Sterling, oops I meant Dan Gilbert, owns the team. Scratch that.

New York:  Could The King convince Carmelo to stay? But wait, wouldn’t that team resemble 2010 miami ensemble?  Yes, which is why in all likelihood it won’t happen.

Him leaving to go play for another “superstar’s” team would put a huge asterisk on his career, which leaves only 1 option and the only smart option. Remain the King and return to Miami, win possibly another 3 or 4 rings, keep the LeBron vs Jordan debate alive (Jordan obviously), and retire as 1 of the 5 greatest players to ever play the game. Do the Right Thing Lebron

-Staples ¤

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