The Greatest Day Ever Played

A great deal of story lines developed on the 12th of June.  The World Cup began with controversy, the U.S Open continued without Tiger Woods, and the Spurs pissed out the flames of the Heat in a game that had a whole second half of garbage time.  There were so many high and low-lights I just don’t know where to start.


The World Cup opener had Brazil host a hungry Croatian team who made it a point to attack early and often.  They got the home team on their heels early when defender Marcelo Vieira scored on his own goal giving Croatia a 1-0 lead.  Vieira’s amateur mistake on the first goal of the World Cup was covered up by the greatness of Neymar Jr. who took the liberty of making enough plays to get them back into the game.  He pushed for a sweet shot that bounced off the goal post and into the back of the net and followed by making another off a penalty kick when Brazilian player Fred made his case for the Oscar by selling a call in the box.  Speaking of Oscar, the kid delivered to put away the Croatians late as Brazil came away 3-1 victory.   You can argue that Neymar and company got lucky but Croatian goalie Pletikosa blew the game by providing a slow and soft last line of defense that Brazil took advantage of again and again.


Golf isn’t the same without Woods dominating but lets give credit to Martin Kaymar who jumped ahead and never let up.  He shot five under par to score 65 on the opening day taking the lead by three shots on day 1.  He shot six birdies in the first 17 holes but golf is about more than a hot start and it will take patience with consistency to win it all at Pinehurst.   Golf is a marathon.


Honestly I rather cover more of the U.S Open than talk about one minute of the pathetic display by the Heat in Game 4’s blowout loss to the San Antonio Spurs.  This is a team on a mission that wants nothing less than to embarrass the King and company for what happened in last year’s Finals and they are doing just what they said they would.  Starting small forward Kawhi Leonard played with no fear or defense in front of him in American Airlines Arena with 20 points and 14 big rebounds that showed you just how much more he wanted this game than Baby Bron Bron and others.  He also had a nasty slam off a rebound when he darted from the three point line straight to the unoccupied Heat rim.  Even though I do give blame to James for contributing nothing but turnovers to the stat sheet in the first half it was the absence of  Dwayne Wade that cost them the game.  Wade just didn’t seem to have it and was off from the opening tip.  No team has come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals which was why I was so shocked by the lack of energy, emotion, and heart from the Heat.  I picked the best player in the world to win this series and completely discounted the better team.  Early congratulations to the Spurs for a great season because there is no way the Miami team I’ve seen the past few nights can win three straight against Coach Pop and the dedicated role players of the San Antonio Spurs. – AK ¤

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