The Atlanta Sports Fan Barely Exsist

I present to you your new the Super Bowl Champions the Atlanta Falcons!! HA! Yeah right! I popped up out of my dream like Dwyane Wade in his Gatorade commercial sweating because my mind was definitely playing tricks on me.

Your new World Series Champions the Atlanta Braves, not quite well unless MLB 2K14 means anything to you.

I’m not going to even pretend like someone could dream that about the Hawks, wait do they still play in Atlanta anyway?

My point is Atlanta may have the worst sports fans in the world, but who can blame them? Allow me shed some light on why.

Becoming a sports fan is usually a tradition passed down like a father passing down his classic ‘67 Mustang to his son or a mom passing on her wedding dress to her daughter. Just ask Cleveland Browns fans or Buffalo Bills fans who haven’t had a reason to celebrate their team since O.J Simpson and his twin were selling fried chicken, yet still they root as raucously as if Jim Brown and Jim Kelly are walking through that door!

Sure Atlanta has had its days of great players including Hank Aaron maybe the best pro athlete in Atlanta history.  Atlanta has also been home to all-timers like Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones, Dale Murphy, Deion Sanders, Mike Vick and Dominique Wilkins just to name a few, which is all well and good, then you remember that Atlanta as a city has only 1 professional title in over 150 years with professional teams! Ridiculous is an understatement, hell Boston won 2 championships in 2004 alone when the Patriots and the Red Sox won titles!

It took the Braves, who won 14 straight division titles from 1991-2005 to win the 1 and only championship the city has won in 1995, in a strike shortened season I might add! The Falcons have 1 conference championship which means only 1 Super Bowl appearance, which was in 1998, and we all remember what John Elway and company did to Chris Chandler (yeah I know you don’t know who he is either just Google him) with a 34-19 victory in Super Bowl XXXIII. Thanks missing Eugene Robinson.

The Hawks have made some terrible personnel moves over the years from trading Bill Russell, to losing Dr. J and in recent melancholy Hawks fans memory skipping over Chris Paul to draft the “domitable” Marvin Williams.

It’s no wonder Atlanta has such a shaky fan base and so few diehard, hardcore fans. Honestly, can you blame them? I live in Atlanta so I feel the agony every day. All you can do is sympathize and pray one of our teams bring a championship parade to the city while we’re alive to see it!

-Staples ¤

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