Star Wars vs. The Matrix


OK, so there isn’t really much to say about Game 5 other than congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs for another great season adding to the legacy of the Pop and Duncan era but I want to make this fun. So while the Heat only showed up in sparks after a great first quarter I noticed a number of strange similarities between the two franchises and their struggles going forward. So I now ask you something more compelling than the drag session that has happened the past few games. Who had the better film franchise; Star Wars or The Matrix?

This question is no closer than the Heat were to getting a chip. Star Wars wins by about 14 ppg every time. “Kawhiet Storm” Leonard is a nickname surfacing for our hero as he emerges from humble beginnings. His come up resembles Luke Skywalker and he even has the out of date hairstyle to boot. Of course he couldn’t do this alone. Where would Luke Leonard be without Obi Wan Ginobli, Danny Solo, Princess Parker, Darth Duncan (the first Spur to win MVP at 20 years of age), and Yodapop? An excellent supporting cast can be how you establish a certain depth in movies and with all the iconic characters how could the Matrix even begin to beat them out.


Oh yeah, they have that guy. The King put up quite the numbers in another blowout loss making sure we couldn’t say it was his fault from at least a statistical view. He has all the gifts to transcend the reality around him but in the end even the “Chosen One” had to succumb to the force of good old fashion team basketball. Dwayne Wade may have shown him the door like Morpheus but Chris Bosh was almost powerless against the well-oiled Spurs machine; like Trinity versus every agent. Too bad James is just better than everyone around him.

But hey, they had two great movies with a questionable third and that is worth something. If only Erik “Sporacle” would stop talking in riddles and tell them what to do (post up LeBron all day). Pat “The Architect” Riley will now come down and reset the Heat. What does that entail? We will see. In the offseason, “Baby Bron Bron” must remember that everything that has a beginning has an end. All I have to say is this: Carmelo, don’t go to the dark side.

The winner is Star Wars by a long shot but the real winners are the San Antonio Spurs. From top to bottom they have a first class staff and the most selfless players I have ever seen. The way they play basketball is a thing of beauty and really is how the game should be played. No matter how fast you are no one will ever beat good ball movement. The better team won and it is time we give Popovich and the Spurs the credit they deserve as five time champions.

If you don’t like it and wonder why I did such a topic don’t blame me. Blame the Heat for giving me nothing else to talk about.

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