The Inconvenient Truth: Jimmy Graham

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and his collection of lawyers began the process of begging the NFL for $5.3 million on Tuesday, June 17.

Graham was given the Franchise Tag from the Saints this offseason meaning he gets a 1-year contract valued at a predetermined amount for the upcoming season. Since Graham is listed as a tight end his franchise tag is valued at $7 million. The problem is Graham wants to receive the wide receiver franchise tag which is valued at $12.3 million.

Graham is basing his case off the literature of the most recent NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement. The CBA states that a player should be paid based off the position he lines up at most during the season rather than his listed position on the team’s roster.


The Inconvenient Truth for Jimmy Graham is that he’s not a wide receiver. He’s a tight end that can do wide receiver things every now and again because of his size, but not a wide receiver. The NFL is a league of trends. Now the trend of freakishly athletic tight ends getting outside of the tackle box and getting a couple of wide receiver looks is quickly rising. Guys like Graham, Vernon Davis, and Rob Gronkowski could have the league reevaluating the worth of the tight end position pretty soon. In the meantime, if a guy wants to be paid like a wide receiver, maybe he should be a wide receiver, oh and changing his Twitter Bio wouldn’t hurt -Brown ¤

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