#ATLast : Atlanta Super Duo Outkast Comes Home

Welcome Home.

I remember a few days before my 20th birthday, the young lady I was talking to at the time asked me what my favorite song was. I paused for a second, scrolling through my entire mental catalog of tasteful music before coming to a sudden conclusion. Millennium- Outkast. She looked at me puzzled. I surmised she had never heard it. We weren’t by a computer at the time, but I told her that she should definitely check it out. The day of my birthday was a fairly innocuous one. It was a Wednesday, so all the partying would be done in the coming weekend. She surprised me though, came over to my apartment with a gift in one arm and a duffle bag in the other. What the hell could she possibly be planning? I thought to myself. She asked me to close my eyes and sit on the bed. “Me and everything around me is unstable like Chernobyl,” 3 Stacks spoke over a rhythm that seemed perfectly suited for a close encounter of the 3rd kind, but flowed just as seamlessly on the Core 808’s produced by Organized Noize. It was Millennium. When prompted to open my eyes I noticed an old school boom box sitting on top of the duffle bag and she gave me my gift. It was a painting. A 12×12 screen of multi colored records on a shelf at a record store singled out in the bunch the section labeled “Rap and Hip/Hop.”  That’s probably my favorite gift I have ever received and the fact that it was delivered over the melodic “uhnn uhnn unnn’s” of Andre Benjamin made it that much more special.

Ask any hip hop fan from Atlanta and I’m sure most all will have a story about how Outkast affected their life in some positive way. So when it was announced this week that the southern duo would indeed be performing in Atlanta, the buzz around the city was palpable; the homecoming was underway!  Starting with one show at Atlanta’s famed Centennial Olympic park, the tickets sold out faster than you could say “southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.” So far, its three shows planned for September 26th-28th (all sold out of course). Within hours, the 55 dollar general admissions tickets were online for 120-300 bucks a pop on sites like Ebay. I’m sure at the moment people will say that is crazy and that they would never pay that much for a concert, but I’m going to guess that sometime around Sept 20th those feelings will give way to the thought, “man this is Outkast, I must go.” Who knows, maybe one of those people will be me as I wasn’t fortunate enough to gobble up a ticket when they became available assuming, stupidly, that by the time I got off of work at 9 the ticket would still be there, since you know, they went on sale at 8! But as about 30 minutes came and went, so did all the tickets.

This concert is going to be huge. A weekend homecoming for the one of the greatest bands the city has ever produced. This Concert isn’t just about the music. It’s a moment of appreciation that the entire city can get behind. Atlanta loves Outkast, because Outkast is Atlanta.

“Coming from Atlanta gave us the freedom to be whatever we ever wanted to be because no one was paying attention,”

Andre 3000 said.

“Now that everyone is, we want to say thank you.”

And we want to say thank you to you too, 3Stacks and Big Boi, for showing the world that two southern boys can make it big by doing it their own way. That’s the same principle that this site is built upon and many artists, writers, poets, and athletes have followed suit. Outkast and their weird but cool brand of musical genius have given us all an identity.

I’m proud to say that I am an ATLien. – Glass¤



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