Where Will Melo Go?

It seems like just the other day when James Dolan forced a mid-season trade to acquire Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets. Ever since that day the Knicks fans have been on a roller coaster ride filled with step back jumpers, lack luster defense, chills and thrills, but mostly lots of motion sickness. Then again, maybe they are just sick of watching Mike Woodson’s ISO-offense. Either way, rumors are circulating that this ride may be coming to an end.


So without throwing LaLa’s husband completely under the bus and with only two days left to make a decision to Opt-in or out, let’s explore some of the possible destinations for Carmelo this summer:


  Chicago-Bulls-logo   Chicago:  The combination of Melo/Rose/Noah seems like a potential championship roster. However, can Derek Rose ever play another full season of NBA basketball? (cough-cough) Penny Hardaway.


Logo - DallasDallas: Not sure how I feel about Monte/Dirk/Melo but Rick Carlisle is one of the better coaches in the NBA and if anyone can make it work he can.


miami-heatMiami: Melo would lose a lot of fans respect if he teamed up with LeBron this summer, but in all honesty that team would be amazing to watch.


LosAngeles_Lakers_logosheet1_reasonably_smallLA Lakers: If the Black Mamba can stay healthy this might actually be a good short term arrangement. The Lakers only have 3 players under contract for next season, which gives them more than enough cap space to get a deal done without a losing and talent in a sign and trade.


rockets_logo_050409 Houston: Rumor has it the Houston Rockets are trying to acquire Melo by trading Jeremy Lin and Omar Asik to New York. A big 3 of Harden/Melo/Dwight would be quite entertaining. However if I’m Phil Jackson, I don’t touch this trade unless they package Chandler Parsons in the deal.



NYKNICKS_Logo-Final NY Knicks: There is always the option of taking the most money available and staying in New York.  Phil Jackson’s motivational techniques and ZEN-like ball movement could potentially (if LeBron and Durant both tear their ACL’s) make Carmelo Anthony a MVP candidate.


So who will win the Melo-sweepstakes? Your guess is as good as mine, but chances are, Melo will cash in on his Bird rights and take the most money available. Another season awaits in New York, hopefully next year the Knicks will actually play organized basketball and not solely rely on isolation plays…Good Luck with that, Derek Fisher.

— Matt Fresh ¤


Big Shout out to @ClydeGraffix for the feature picture!!!

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