Fresh Take Sports World Cup Coverage: World Cup Group H

Group H is in my opinion the weirdest group in the tournament. The group members all have potential to be very dangerous. All the nations don’t really have great footballing backgrounds but they all have made great strides in improving the soccer culture dramatically. Belgium, Algeria, Russia, and Korea Republic make up the teams in Group H. To me the most underrated team period is Belgium and I fully expect them to sweep through the group with relative ease. Someone has to finish second and I am going with Russia only because of the way their coach Fabio Capello brings the best out of his players. The Russians do have a good deal of talent that will be tested in a somewhat evenly match group. Algeria have not performed well in the few World Cups they have started to appear in but they look to change their fortunes in Brazil. The Koreans are a pesky team that always seem to be fitter than every other team and that can come in handy in the late stages of matches.

Algeria: Algeria have a solid team full of average joes for the most part. Their work ethic as a unit will get them over the hump. Sofiane Feghouli will have to kindle the Algerian attack with his creativity from midfield. Feghouli is very skilled and a crafty little player. Nabil Bentaleb will need to help boost the Algerian attack. He is an exciting player to watch & will look to provide goals for the Algerians.

Belgium: The boys from Belgium are an underrated powerhouse of a team. Very much the mitochondria of Group H. Belgium move the ball around nicely and have players that like to take defenders on in space. Eden Hazard is a masterful footballer with supreme skill. He is speedy, quick, evasive, and just downright nasty. Hazard is a fitting name for such a dangerous attacking player. Belgium also need the young boy wonder Romelu Lukaku to come out in style! Lukaku has been blessed with freakish physical genes as well as immense talent. When the ball gets on to that deadly left foot, keepers beware. Superstar defender Vincent Kompany will be anchoring the Belgium defense and you couldn’t have a better fellow guiding the back four. Kompany rarely ever gets beaten and has smooth footwork for such a big defender. The young Belgian Kevin De Bruyne will be an important piece for creating scoring chances in center midfield for the Belgian boys. Other Notable players are feisty defender Jan Verthongen, clever center midfielder Alex Witsel, the man with the killer fro in midfield Marouane Fellaini, and winger Kevin Mirallas.

Korea Republic: The Koreans always do well in tournaments for their standards. It is all attributed to their amazing fitness levels. On top of that they are becoming more technically sound on the ball. The biggest issue is one they can’t really control. Set pieces will be hell for the Koreans because of their vertical limitations. The average height for the Koreans is roughly 5’7. Not a good sign at all going against someone only 6 feet tall for a header. Two players will have to be the engine for the Korean attack and world cup hopes. Park Chu Young and Lee Chung Yong. Park Chu Young is a speedy forward with keen goal scoring abilities. Young will have to be a nuisance to opposing defenders if Korea expect to do well. Lee Chung Yong will be doing his damage from the wings. Lee is a great dribbler and often times provides good service to his forwards.

Russia: The Russians have really developed into a solid footballing nation that is no longer a pushover. They are very technically sound and defend with a lot of controlled aggression. The Russians have a good team and all eyes will be on Alan Dzagoev in midfield. Alan has quick feet and makes crisp pinpoint passes that usually put his teammates in prime position to have a go at goal. The young striker Alexander Kokorin will look to burst into the scene in impressive fashion. His is good with either foot and has an uncanny nose for goal for such a young player. Other notable players are veteran Yuri Zhirkov attacking from the wings, veteran striker Aleksander Kerzhakov, and superb goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev

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