Best or Bust? A Closer Look at the Drafts Intriguing Prospects

Draft night is less than 24 hours away and while the GMs frantically search through scouting reports to decide your favorite team’s fate for the next few years we will continue to provide our take on this magical night where dreams become reality.  So throw away those silly reports and get a fresh take on who has the best chances of making it big.

Noah Vonleh Photo: AP

Noah Vonleh stands at 6’10” with a great wingspan and incredible athleticism for the size he put on to play power forward in college.  His size and mobility makes him a dual threat and he has shown the range to step outside the line to knock down threes, even late in games.  Needless to say, I really like how Vonleh’s game looked at Indiana but there are some things to smooth out.  Vonleh got into foul trouble quite a bit and shows a lack of awareness at times.  He can disappear on the offensive side of the ball despite a nice touch from outside with his strength down low and will most likely need a point guard to keep him active.  These are all things that can be corrected through experience and most likely will be; as people say that he is an absolute gym rat who is always looking to improve his game.  All of the talent of an all star is present in Vonleh so I certainly wouldn’t downplay how effective he could be right away for a team that is rebuilding.  Vonleh is a top 5 prospect easy.

Joel Embiid SalaNBA Joel Embiid se lesiona y se perderá los últimos ...

Joel Embiid is strong, smart, long, athletic, quick for his size and extrememly fragile.  No one doubts Embiid’s remarkable talent and measurables.  He has an intimidating presence down low with a smooth post game to boot that is still a bit raw but definitely noticeable.  There is a reason some compare him to Hakeem the Dream himself and when we watch him there are flashes that make us believe he will bring the traditional center back while Dwight Howard keeps screwing around. The problem is his body.  He just can’t stay healthy and all the talent in the world won’t do any good in a suit.  This sole fact will keep most franchises away as no one wants a Greg Oden or Amare Stoudamire on their hands making money for no production.  Durability is always something you must consider and although he has superstar potential like his Kansas running mate Andrew Wiggins it will do him no good on a stretcher.  Unless he starts listening to his boy Jabari Parker he won’t do any good for a team.  Drink up that Gatorade fool.  Whoever is considering Embiid better be prepared to send the check through the mail or pick Noah Vonleh instead.                                                             ~AK

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