The Best or Bust? A Closer Look at The Drafts Intriguing Prospects.

The night where dreams become a reality draws ever closer and your team could find the diamond in the rough or just more dirty rocks. Say what you want about free agency but I believe that the rebuilding process must start with the NBA Draft. There are a number of prospects capable of making an impact for any franchise if they land in the right situation,so I hope the scouts are working hard.  If not then allow me to help out by distinguishing the best choice from a certain bust.  Previously we revealed the flaws and criticisms of bust potential Dante Exum and the great potential of Andrew Wiggins.  Now let us move on.  Are you still listening Cleveland?  I hope so.




Jabari Parker already holds a talented offensive repertoire.  There is a reason he averaged close to 20 a night for the Duke Blue Devils.  Parker can shoot with NBA range and has a silky smooth mid-range jumper to go along with a soft touch around the rim.  Don’t be fooled by his quiet demeanor either because he can get mean on the glass and above the rim but just like Wiggins his aggression is not always there.  Also he has a tendency to play lackadaisical  off the ball and could really improve as a slashing forward.  The young man’s measurables are very nice. Parker has a solid frame and can defend both forward positions. What can really take his game to the next level is a couple of “go to” moves down low. The athleticism is there all he needs to do is mold it and we could be looking at a player on the level of a young Paul Pierce. Developing his body to lose the baby weight he carried in college would go a long way in improving his athleticism as well. If you ignore this no brainer pick then you just can’t handle the truth.  As long as Parker continues to work hard on refining his game he will be a star in this league.


T.J Warren had a unique game about him at N.C State.  He put up numbers in a big way and even carried the team most nights. I watched him play a couple of times and I like his touch around the rim.  He definitely has the size and resume to get picked up in the first round, but should your team take a chance on him? If it were my money I wouldn’t; and I actually like him.  Warren is one of those forwards in between the two positions.  Not quick enough to be a small forward and not big enough to bang down low on a nightly basis and that could be a problem if he can’t find a role on a good team.  He is flat footed defensively with little lateral quickness.  Warren’s outside shooting is another problem and that has a great deal to do with mechanics that are less than sound.  You can try to coach it out of him but the problem is that Warren tends to revert back to a sloppy fadeaway for no reason.  He rarely shows the proper footwork on his shot or around the basket causing a lot of misfires.  Being one-dimensional is not going to fly at the next level, unless you are surreal in one area and that isn’t the case here.  I can see him being a Joe Johnson if he improves his lateral quickness, technique, mechanics and ball handling at best.  Truthfully I feel that he just has too many weaknesses with no real strengths to hamper on.  I say let him drop to the second round before you consider this pick up and if someone else gets him he is their problem now.

~AK  ¤

One thought on “The Best or Bust? A Closer Look at The Drafts Intriguing Prospects.”

  1. The Hawks did it again??? Aderian Payne will be playing pro ball in Bosnia in about 3 years. SMH Atlanta why not pick James Young. He can surely contribute more than Payne can. Plus I will say this quite clear ANDREW WIGGINS is a glorified Kidd Gilchrist. BUST BUST BUST!!!!! Defensive specislist YES NBA ALLSTAR hell naw. Jabari, Aaron Gordon, Julius Randle, Marcus Smart, Exum, & Tyler Ennis are the cream of the crop. Embiid welcome to Thabeetsville. Why would Philly gamble on two ailing big men? 3 if you include Bynum.

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