The Best and Worst from the NBA Draft

The 2014 NBA draft concluded last night and here are my best and worst from last night.

Best: The Boston Celtics. With trade talks about Rajon Rondo swirling and his open willingness to not want to be a part of a rebuilding situation, the Celtics drafted Marcus Smart their possible PG of the future and a player I was super high on prior to the draft (check Making a Smart Decision). They also got James Young who, once he figures it out, I believe could a Ginobili-like player off the bench and maybe even a future all-star! Good Job Danny Ainge!

My other winner of course is the Cleveland Cavaliers. I don’t know if their draft process was based on trying to get LeBron back to Cleveland but they had a very solid draft. They obviously had the number 1 pick and took Andrew Wiggins which no one can definitively say was a bad choice. I’m not as high on him as I was coming out of high school, but he is still a freakishly gifted athlete and with the right coach he can possibly a Superstar. He, Kyrie, and LeBron (if he goes back) could potentially be an amazing championship trio. They also drafted Joe Harris with their second round pick who could be a very nice contributor off the bench. Overall pretty good draft that could turn into really great draft after LeBron’s “Decision”.

Now for my worst. The Utah Jazz: I thought Trey Burke showed himself to be a good, young point guard in the league in his rookie season, so the drafting of PG Dante Exum baffled me. I’ll admit I’m not really that familiar with him or his game but for a team so limited in scoring and with Trey Burke already on the team I thought they could have went a different route. But only time will tell.

My other loser and I say that very loosely is the Philadelphia 76ers. As far as talent they may have gotten the best player in the draft in Joel Embiid but they also have Nerlens Noel waiting to prove himself in the NBA, so I don’t see where drafting Embiid helps. Both are centers with similar games so I doubt how effective they can be together. They were drafting at a spot where they could have gotten another wing to put along with Michael Carter-Williams, but instead took Embiid who probably won’t start the season. Only way this works is if Embiid becomes the superior of the 2 so they can justify drafting him and then trading Noel. Then again this is Philadelphia so we can only wait and see.

All in all, draft night was great and I look forward to seeing how all of the draftees develop into NBA players and leave their on impacts on the NBA.

-Chris Staples ¤

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