Goodbye, Brooklyn? Jason Kidd Making Power Moves.

“He who does not seek all the power will be left with none of the power.”

This is a lesson we see repeat itself over and over again in both the history books and in HBO’s Game of Thrones. Jason Kidd has apparently learned this lesson and is intent on staying true to its principle by putting his current position with the Brooklyn Nets at risk in order to make a power play and gain more titles to his office door. Per Sources, Kidd’s request to take over as head of basketball operations in addition to his coaching duties with the Nets were denied. According to NY Post reports, it was at that time that the Milwaukee Bucks asked for and were granted permission to speak with Kidd about the opening of their Basketball leadership positions. One problem: there are no openings in the Milwaukee Bucks basketball leadership positions. At last seen Head Coach Larry Drew and GM John Hammond were all smiles in welcoming in Jabari Parker and thus a new dawn for the history of the franchise. This all came about because of new Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry’s close relationship with Kidd from his time as minority owner of the Nets and that he is currently the former all-star point guard’s financial advisor.  Lasry and Wes Edens bought the Bucks last year for a surprising – at the time—550 million. It seems that they are going to be exercising all the perks that come with the title “owner,” even if that includes back door deals and a little brazen nepotism. Jason Kidd, notorious for his ego, couldn’t have been happy seeing zero tenured head coaches Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher get 5 year deals worth 25 mil each, especially when he himself, the pioneer for the modern player to coach jump, has 3 years left on a 10.5 million dollar deal. Something had to be done. I’d imagine that Kidd spends his Sunday evenings with two television sets on and two note pads. One to note the analytics and plays for the Nets and the other to note the analytics and plays of Petyr Baelish.

It may be the slow knife that cuts the deepest, but it’s usually the one you never seen coming that provides the kill.

Muddying the waters with this situation is the fact that it seems that Hammond and Drew, the GM and Head coach of Milwaukee respectively, learned of this situation at the same time we did. I have never seen that sit well with any man of pride and I don’t foresee that sitting well here either with neither Drew nor Hammond. The Nets have already indicated that if they must resort to finding a replacement for Kidd, they already have a contingency plan in place and would likely be reaching out to former warrior head coach and recently re-hired ESPN analyst Mark Jackson. It appears that the situation with Brooklyn may be too far gone to be repaired so Kidd better hope that his Machiavellian tact gets him in a position of power with the Bucks, or else he’ll just be another Stark head laying at the alter of the iron throne. As much as history has taught us about the sin of not opting for total control, we also have seen what happen to the leaders of a failed Coup de tat . Valor Marghulis, Kidd. – Glass¤

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