Atlanta Hawks Free Agency Wish List

If there was there was any reason to doubt that the hawks intended to be major players in upcoming free agency period it all went away around 7:30 est on Sunday when it was announced that Atlanta had traded away Lou Will and the rights to Lucas Nogueira for John Salmons, who is thought to be immediately cut to free up cap room. His dismissal will leave the team close to 16 million to play with this off season. That’s enough to get one front line player slightly below elite status or a couple of pieces to help fill out the roster.  Which is great but we all know that success in F/A largely come down to making the right moves not always taking the flashy name. Here are a few guys the hawks should be giving a call to once the clock hits midnight.


Monroe Greg Monroe: Last year Monroe put up 15 points and 9 boards in a completely tumultuous situation, freeing him the basketball pugurtory that was Detroit last year may open up Monroe to blossom into the All-Star level Center we all know he is capable of becoming. He made 3 mill last year on a rookie scale and is set to add a few more Zeros to his piggy bank. He is a restricted Free Agent so the Hawks may have to go above the market value to bring his to the Durty South, but pairing a talent like Monroe with Al would be worth nearly what price. Hawks Offer: 4 years 48 Mil


DengLuol Deng: This one is simply a math equation. Hawks need an upgrade at SF and Deng wants  to get the hell out of Cleveland. Deng is a SF and Atlanta is not CLEVELAND. Leaks have surfaced of the Hawks interest in the former Dukey, but that doesn’t seem like Danny Ferry’s feng shui. The leak probably came from Deng’s camp to boost his profile as a F/A. Hawks offer: 3 years 25 Mil

lance_stephensonLance Stephenson: This one may be more of a pipe dream for me personally; I want the Hawks to have an identity as team that has skill to beat you and the toughness to beat you up. Stephenson is that sort of player and at only 23 years old he can be the catalyst for years to come. Hawks offer 4 years 48 Mil

MarvMarvin Williams:…. Nahhh Just Kidding!


aminuHenryXavier Henry and Al-farouq Aminu: Again, The Hawks need a wing upgrade over the much loved, but limited DaMarre Carrol. In Henry and Aminu you get not only a headache for our announcers, but specialist who will instantly make the Hawks move viable on each end of the floor. Henry is a guy who can score the ball at an efficient rate and be a piece that helps the offense flow. He may not be Paul Pierce as some thought when he came out of Kansas but when he is on the floor defenses take notice. Al-Farouq is a defensive specialist at the forward position who doesn’t hurt you on the offensive end of the floor. He grabs rebounds at a high rate for a SF and in coming home brings some more toughness to the Hawks front line. Both can be had for a good price. Hawks offer (Henry 3 years 9 mil) (Aminu 3 years 7 Mil)

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