NBA Offseason Domino Effect

It’s that time of the basketball year again. The time where executives all around the league are plotting their next moves while players do the same. We’re talking about the offseason. Now to the average fan it all seems so simple. Teams call players, the players either say yes or no, then rosters are rearranged. Well turns out the offseason is a little more complicated than that. As anyone that’s watched ESPN in the last week knows, LeBron James might be looking for a new team. Why is that such a big deal? Well it’s because as soon as Lebron makes his decision the NBA Offseason Domino Effect will be fully underway.

There’s a list of about six teams that really think they have a shot at landing LeBron. Of course only one of them can actually do it. As soon as that team wins the LeBron James lottery the others will immediately go to Plan B. For most teams that would be signing Carmelo Anthony. Then after he signs on with a team the rest will hurry to sign any big name player that they can get their hands on. To make this easier to understand, let’s take a quick look back at last offseason’s Domino Effect and how it played out for the teams involved.

Last season a number of teams were drooling at the thought of signing Dwight Howard. Of course Houston was the team that landed him. That one move alone led to Paul Millsap going to Atlanta, Andre Iguodala going to Golden State, Monta Ellis going to Dallas, and Josh Smith going to Detroit. That’s just one example of the Domino Effect. For some of those teams Plan B turned out ok. Paul Millsap gave Atlanta a post presence and helped get them to the playoffs. Monta Ellis gave Dallas a much needed scorer. Andre Iguodala helped give Golden State a leader and defender. For teams like Detroit though it didn’t quite work out. Josh Smith played all season out of position. The ironic part? Houston got bounced in the first round of the playoffs. Even with the grand prize of last season’s free agent class. As for this offseason, we are going to see how these teams handle the free agent frenzy that will take place once LeBron makes his decision. Luckily for all the teams with big money to spend this year’s free agent class is one of the most talented in a while. We are going to see plenty familiar faces in new places, and could see some new teams become top dog in their conference. Don’t you just love free agency? Once all the dust settles in a few weeks I’ll recap exactly how things turn out thanks to the Domino Effect.


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