Simp or Pimp? Robin Thicke’s Album “Paula” Drops Today

Today marks a momentous day in the struggle of men trying to get they woman back. Every man who has ever been in love has done things that are otherwise outside of his pimp in shinning armor standard. When a man hits rock bottom and starts begging his woman in public forums we call this “Drake-ing”. Named in the honor of Drizzy’s hit song Marvin’s Room, in which he detailed his drunk dialing habits.

For most of us “Drake-ing” involves: a few DM’s (a tweet in extreme cases), a convo about her with the homies over-extending its welcome, and in the most severe of the Drake-i-ness, a lengthy Facebook post. Robin Thicke’s recent contribution will one day go down in the “Drake-ing” Hall of Fame, for he is taking his Drake-ing to height that the great Toronto rapper himself has yet to (yet).

Thicke’s long time wife Paula Patton recently filled for divorce, initially this was kept relatively quite, but Thicke’s: pride, ego, simping ways; you be the judge, wouldn’t let it go down like that.

He then proceeded to dedicate his up coming album to her, even putting her name as the title, which isn’t without precedent. Thicke then took it to another level by letting the world know that every single track on the album is devoted to getting Paula back, using every public forum as a groveling session at the perfectly manicured toes of the former Mrs. Thicke.


I always try to separate the music from the man, so that way in case I don’t fully agree with the behavior of the artist I can still appreciate their art. In this case however its hard to separate the two. I can totally see myself bumping the album and continuously laughing out loud at the thought that after every track Robin probably thought to himself at some point “Yeah, this is it. This is the one that’ll get her back”. Then again, what God amongst us men would do unholy things to get with the lovely Paula Patton? Are Robin Thicke’s attempt a new age of pimping or just some extremeing simping? You be the judge.

Robin Thicke’s Album “Paula hits iTunes today

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