The Pain of a Nation

“If your brave enough to love, be strong enough for heartbreak…”

Sports serve as a gateway from poverty, a small way for underprivileged children to escape their inner cities with rags to riches stories. Some may call these Cinderella stories, delusions of grandeur, because the truth is most rags never turn into riches. Perhaps that’s why many Brazilian citizens were protesting this year’s World Cup way before the opening kick on June 22nd. The streets had a pulse similar to Bruce Banner’s blood pressure and the stage was set for riot gear and Molotov cocktails. However with every goal scored, national pride began to conquer national poverty and for a brief moment in time Jogo Bonitio would overcome the Pain of a Nation.

Every 4 years the Brazilian national team is historically the safest bandwagon. Unfortunately this year’s bandwagon came to a “back-breaking” end when star striker Neymar Jr took a flying knee by Colombian hit-man Juan Zuniga. Insult was added to the injury when team captain Tiago Silva was suspended after receiving his 2nd yellow card on aggregate. The game was bitter sweet to say the least, the final score was 2-1 but in hindsight the battle was a Pyrrhic victory.

The Germans have not committed genocide like this since well lets not get carried away. When the smoke cleared the Brazilian team was embarrassed but the citizens were heartbroken. With millions of people still living below the poverty line and millions of dollars wasted on stadiums and accommodations, 2014 was supposed to serve as Brazil’s chance at redemption. A chance to forget how bad life is, a chance to celebrate the day they made history in their own back yard. That chance has been destroyed, so i pray… “stay strong Brazil, the journey is not for the swift, its for those who endure.





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