Doppelganger Alert!!! Klose vs Neeson

Don’t know what a doppelganger is? Well look it up.

Just Kidding! Its simply a person who looks similar to another person. Everyone has their own Doppelganger. I’ve heard more times than I like that mines is the rapper Yung Thug. 

No, Im not posting side by sides and No, We don’t look alike.

Back to the business at hand, the word Doppelganger is of German origin so I figured its only fitting that we pop it off with a German person.

Miraslav Klose 38 years old. 6’0″. Plays for S.S. Lazio and The German National Team. Famous for being a goal scoring machine.


Liam Neeson: 62 years old. 6’4″. Famous for being an ass kicking machine in movies such as Taken, Non-Stop, The Grey, Taken 2 and Schindler’s List (Ha!)


My ideal doppelganger isn’t always two people who look like they were cut from the same teet, but a sports figure who is very similar looking to a pop culture star. In this case I can say, very cornily, that Liam and Miraslav are “Klose enough”


Both are pretty old to be at the top of their profession, but Neeson is still old enough to be Klose’s papa making there similarity pretty uncanny.


Klose is no spring chicken himself but Im sure he could have come up with a better face to pose with the lovely Rihanna with… on second thought, yup. That the EXACT face I’d make to.

Klose rihanna

Doggleganger Reference:

Hey Miraslav, is that your dad that just walked in the bar?



2 thoughts on “Doppelganger Alert!!! Klose vs Neeson”

  1. Try out Lee Ryan,Frank Lampard, and muse’s front men, try are klose enough too! Anyway Klose is the cutest among all!

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