The World Cup Rounds The Final Stretch And Two Teams Now Vie For Immortality

It was the best of times and it was the absolute WORST of times is the only way I know how to describe Brazil’s debacle. In case you missed the clinic it was a 7-1 shlacking of the host nation. Words can not describe the horror that circulated the air at the Estadio Mineiroa. The city of Belo Horizonte was the scene of the Brazilian’s execution. It was almost like a plague was running rampant through the stadium after each succeeding goal.

Their is no shame in losing at the World Cup even for a soccer powerhouse like Brazil. The lack of effort and pride was baffling. With millions of people supporting you I would hope 7-1 would not be the end product. To put this loss into perspective it is like a star studded Team USA basketball squad without Lebron (Neymar) and Dwight Howard (Thiago Silva) getting blown out by a talented Spanish team at MSG 120-68. That’s how huge of a disappointment this is for Brazil.

Brazil was without the services of their soccer guru Neymar due to a back injury and defensive anchor Thiago Silva because of suspension. Key players indeed, but that doesn’t nullify the disgraceful display of football I witnessed from Brazil at home. Credit has to go to Germany who played with great purpose and had no wasted motion on the pitch. If ever a team could play a perfect match, then GREAT SCOTTS! The Germans certainly succeeded, like a U-boat torpedo with S.S. Brasilia in its crosshairs. Needless to say that battleship is now the titanics neighbor in the oh so deep blue sea.

The best offense is a good defense | Mustard Seed Budget

Thomas Mueller drew first blood as the massacre commenced with a wide open, uncontested volley off a corner kick. Then, ironically Miroslav Klose scored his 16th World Cup goal of his career moving past Brazil’s Ronaldo and making him the most prolific goal scorer in World Cup history! Talk about adding salt to a wound. The flood gates were definitely open Hurricane Katrina style and Brazil did not know how to respond to the flurry of punches. In a span of 6 minutes the Germans scored 3 more goals. Two more goals by Toni Kroos and a goal by Sami Khedira who for me garnered man of the match honors. By the 30th minute the match was well out of hand which is almost unheard of in such a high profile match featuring Brazil and Germany. When people thought the storm was over it had not ceased. Substitute Andre Schurrle added two goals in the second half before Oscar was able to salvage a meaningless constellation goal for the Selecao. The game also set a new record for most tweets for any sporting event. A whopping 35.6 million tweets occured during the game.

In the other semi-final it seemed as though neither Argentina nor the Netherlands (Holland) wanted to play as poorly as Brazil did. Defensively they both put up staunch performances. The player that really stuck out from the bunch is Ron Vlaar for Holland. Where ever Messi went he was there to pester the world’s best player. He also had good coverage from De Vrij, Blind, Martins Indi, Kuyt, and Janmaat. Vlaar put in a superb defensive effort all game long. Argentina also defended with great physicality. Dutch runners were tracked, Robben had a sea of Argentinians around him every time he received the ball, and Robin Van Persie seemed to be invisible on the pitch cause he was definitely neutralized. Credit must go to Argentina’s back line of Rojo, Demichelis, Garay, Zabaleta, and Mascherano. This game was definitely a dogfight from start to finish. 90 minutes went by without any goals so the extra session was needed. In extra time both defenses held their own and gave their respective keepers minimal work to put in. Extra time also ended with no goals so the stakes were raised to the max. Win the shootout and you face Germany in the final! As things unraveled the Dutch hero of the game, Ron Vlaar, quickly turned villain and missed the first spot kick for the Netherlands. Messi clinically put his penalty kick away into the left side of the net. star midfielder Wesley Sneijder missed another penalty kick as Sergio Romero came up big with the save. The last shooter for Argentina just needed to score to take his team to the final. With the weight of the world squarely on Maxi Rodriguez’s shoulder he was able to do the good bit and send Argentina to the World Cup final!!! -BoSo

Semi-Final Results:

Brazil 1 Germany 7
Argentina 0 Netherlands 0 A.E.T
(PSO Argentina 4-Netherlands 2)

(A.E.T = After Extra Time)
(PSO= Penalty Shootout)

Golden Boot Nominees:

James Rodriguez (COL) 6 goals

*Thomas Mueller (GER) 5 goals

Neymar Jr. (BRA) 4 goals

*Lionel Messi (ARG) 4 goals

Karim Benzema (FRA) 3 goals

*Andre Schurrle (GER) 3 goals

Arjen Robben (NED) 3 goals

Robin Van Persie (NED) 3 goals

(*Asterisks denotes player’s team is still in competition)

The Final is set to kick off at 1pm ET on Sunday.

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