Talkin’ Football

Matt Ryan left off the NFL Top 100 players list? Belichick and Brady haven’t won a Super Bowl since ’05? Josh Gordon likes weed? …Yup, we’re talkin’ football.

The following is a conversation between the Fresh Take Sports founder, Mykhal Glass, and Editor-in-Chief, Farrell Brown. For the uninitiated, “Ice” is Matt Ryan.

Brown: Matt Ryan missed the NFL Player’s Top 100 list.

Glass: How do you feel about Matt Ryan?

Brown: He doesn’t get enough credit. Anybody that makes the playoffs five out of six years of a six-year career is pretty damn good.

Glass: Put together a piece that explains how stupid his ranking is. It’s about that time to start attacking the NFL.

Brown: I walked right into that.

Glass: Good old fashioned “I’m interested in your opinion.” finesse. Works every time. Has his actual ranking been released yet? I remember being upset he wasn’t in the top 50.

Brown: They go from 100 to 1. Matt Ryan was left completely off the whole list. This is a player made list though, no media or NFL front office people.

Glass: Damn. I really hope Ice is the type of guy that takes this personally. Who was number 100?

Brown: Matthew Stafford.

Glass: Yeah, that’s crazy. There are only about five or six I want over Ice and all of them have a Super Bowl [victories] or a neck beard (Luck).

Brown: [five or six] Quarterbacks or players period?

Glass: Quarterbacks. That’s the most important position. Unless you’re the #1 or #2 at your non-QB position, you’re not better than a top 10 QB.

Brown: Russell Wilson won the Super Bowl and dropped 14 spots.

Glass: What is their ranking based on? Popularity? Lol Is Mike Vick on the list?

Brown: Hahaha. Is Mike Vick on the list? What’s left of Mike Vick has no place on the list. It’s supposed to be based on the year 2013. They sit NFL players down and have them fill out surveys on the top players (by position, I think) and rank the players by number of votes. By the way, Peyton Manning was #1 for the second year straight.

Glass: Ryan’s “down” year totals of 4500 yards, 26 touchdowns and 69% completion rate are better than Vick’s best season. Much love for Peyton Manning but two words: Aaron Rodgers.

Brown: Aaron Rodgers was #11.

Glass: 1-10 is irrelevant. Fortunately, we know Rodgers is the type of guy to take this list personally.

Brown: Rodgers hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 2010 and everyone swear his career is dead. [Tom] Brady hasn’t won one since 2005 yet he’s still “the man”. Here’s 1-10 in order: [Peyton] Manning, Megatron [Calvin Johnson], Brady, A[drian] P[eterson], Shady [LeSean McCoy], [Drew] Brees, [Richard] Sherman, [Jamaal] Charles, [AJ] Green, [Jimmy] Graham.

Glass: I literally thought to myself, “Damn, it’s been since ’05.” Here’s my order: A-Rod [Aaron Rodgers], Mega [Calvin Johnson], AP, P. Man [Peyton Manning], Brees, Jimmy [Graham], Aldon Smith, Shady, Brady, [Darrelle] Revis.

Brown: No Sherman?

Glass: Revis is better. Sherman would fall between 11 and 13.

Brown: I don’t know.

Glass: Actually, Patrick Peterson might be better than them both. We’ll never know though because he talks as much trash as Tim Duncan.

Brown: It’s either Peterson or Sherman depending on your game plan.

Glass: I want Sherman on an island but I want Peterson on my field period. By that same token, Revis is still the best on an island.

Brown: Maybe before his knees and hairline started to leave.

Glass: One year of Belichick will cure all ailments; unless you’re a tight end.

Brown: Belichick also hasn’t won a ring since 2005; just, you know, putting it out there.

Glass: Blame Gronk’s [Rob Gronkowski’s] body.

Brown: And [Aaron] Hernandez’s bodies?

Glass: Zing!

Brown: The major problem with this list, and all similar lists, is it’s not solely based on this year legacy points play too big of a factor.

Glass: And it’s based on the thoughts of guys who get hit in the head for a living.

Brown: Right. Right.

Glass: Oh, and after that Hernandez zinger, you forgot “allegedly”.

Brown: Bruh, he did it.

Glass: Allegedly. But, of course, I was that dude in 9th grade wearing “free Boosie” t-shirts. Actually that’s a great idea! #FreeHernandez Tee Shirts, with #freeDBoosie on the back, ya know to pay homage. No? Ok, Cool.

Brown: Oh, Atlanta. Josh Gordon was 16 on the list.

Glass: 16th!? There is only one Wide receiver who should be higher than Josh Gordon………Wow. Poor choice of words.

Brown: Gordon was behind Green at 9 and Megatron at 2 and I’m ok with that.

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