2016 A Contract Odyssey: The Genius of LeBron James’ New Contract

Let’s take a trip into the future, no I’m not talking about flying cars or boats with rims. That’s a different landscape, I’m talking about the landscape of the NBA. In 2016 we will be looking at a world where Kevin Durant is on the open market with Al Horford, Joakim Noah, Nic Batum, Dwight Howard, and Demar DeRozan oh and one recently signed LeBron James. Also that year will be the first that either the NBAPA or the owners can opt out of the CBA that was signed in 2011, making LeBron’s signing of a two year deal in Cleveland pure genius.

His current max contract is valued at 21 million dollars; in 2016 the expected value will rise at market rate by 4.8%. James will only be 31 years old in the down end of his prime possibly coming off of one or more championships.He will definitely get the max contract.

Also happening in that year the NBA will be undergoing sweeping changes to the local and national TV contracts meaning more money in the pot and more reason the one of the two sides to opt out of the CBA agreement. More than likely that will be the players since they didn’t achieve maximum value on the last deal.

All this creates a perfect storm for big money and big spending meaning the middle class and upper class of NBA talent will be all in line for huge pay days. Bravo Lebron, might we even see our first in carnation of a “Super Duper Duo”? KD and The King…. One can dream – Glass

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