Highlights & Hyperbole: Dante Exum (The X-Factor)

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Dante Exum is the baddest man on the planet. Sorry Durant. After one summer league game vs Philly you can see the immense level of talent oozing through his pores.

This kid has superstar written all over him.

In the video check out the fantastic pass he makes at the: 38 mark, whipping the ball around two potential defenders right into the waiting hands of his teammate for a lay in. I don’t know if Ive ever even seen Magic Johnson make a play so stupendous.

People have often compared The X-Factor to Kobe Bryant for his long athletic 6’6” frame and prenatal scoring talents. The play that can be seen at the :32 mark shows why such comps can’t be taken lightly. Sure makes a rookie mistake, one in which im sure he has learned from, but instead of compounding said mistake with more freshman lunacy; He makes a great play stealing the rock right back and put a layup in the bunny hole for two the old fashioned way.

I haven’t even mentioned the fact that his first basket of his NBA career was an ally-oop dunk from Burke. That’s equivalent to a walk off homer in game 8 of the World Series being your first hit!

In his first game, a summer league game in Las Vegas against the Philadelphia 76er’s, Exum has shown me all I needed to see to conclude that this dude will not only be an all-star this year he will be a contender In the MVP race for many years to come.

I’m going to start printing up Exum for President Governor Tee-Shirts now. – Glass


Final Stat Line: 10 Points 4-10 shooting 3 Rebounds 3 Assists

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