NBA’s Most Hated: Lance Stephenson

Michael Jordan may have just pulled off the steal of the off-season by signing Lance Stephenson to a 3 year 27 million dollar deal with the Charlotte Hornets. We now live in a world where Gordon Hayward gets a max deal and Lance Stephenson makes 9 million a year. Why? How? Were any of these GM’s watching basketball last year? This is what it feels like to be the NBA’s Most Hated.

The 2013-2014 NBA season was a break out year for Lance Stephenson, he efficiently increased his points per game by basically hitting every other shot he attempted at a 49% rate. He also led the Pacers in assists and is one of the best rebounding shooting guards in the NBA(7.2 rebounds a game). If I asked you, “Who led the NBA in triple-doubles last season?” you would probably tell me “Lebron James” but I’m not even here to talk about statistics. I’m here to talk about the Most Hated man in the NBA.


Maybe it was when he blew in Lebron’s ear?…or…


Maybe it was the way he was laying on the court against Miami in game 2…

Or Perhaps it was the fight with his teammate Evan Turner(I really wish I had that photo).

Obviously Lance is not a soft spoken guy, he loves attention, he wants the spot light, but are those good enough reasons to not offer him fair market value? The Pacers dropped the ball, You don’t let a player with Stephenson’s potential walk off your team for 9million dollars a year. How ironic that Larry Bird refused to use the “bird rights”. Now Indy fans have to hope Evan Turner can fill the void.

The Old School…

Its no secret that SOME older (usually white) males hate young (usually black) players who show-boat. They love the “old school” way, back when men didn’t brag, back when athletes just did their job and went home quietly. Back when gas was a nickel you whipper-snappers. I remember they hated Deon Sanders but loved Barry Sanders. They also hated Terrell Owens and wished he was more like Jerry Rice. They want gentlemen in sports, not guys like Lance Stephenson. Perhaps Larry Bird is one of those “old school” type of guys. It seems like he finally grew tired of all the antics, how else do you explain giving up on such a young promising player? A player who plays with his heart on his sleeve every night. I know Indy fans are depressed right now, but this is what happens your the Most Hated.


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