Offseason, What offseason?

Show no love, love will get you killed…

That is a line from a movie that is on my long list of classic films, “Get rich or die trying.” In the film this was a warning from drug dealer/father figure to 50 Cent’s character and its probably a line that is playing over and over again in the collective minds of Miami heat fans.

Along with constant change, it seems as if that quote has been the theme of this NBA “Off-season.”

Unlike most Julys this hasn’t been a barren wasteland of sports news and disproven rumors. Like every off season there were rumors flying that such and such player may team up with what’s his face, or that this team may offer a max contract to undeserving player ”X”  (by ”X” I mean Jodie Meeks), usually those rumors never materialize into anything of substance. This year however we have seen a couple of stars stay home in Dirk Nowitzki and Carmelo Anthony, the best player on the planet jump back to his home town team to team up with the number one pick in the draft and one of the most exciting players in the NBA, Pau Gasol join the growing list of people praying for Derrick Rose’s knees, separate max deals go to Gordon Heyward and Chandler Parsons, Jodie Meeks make 19 million, and Luol Deng be put in the most no win situation in sports, all of this of course happening as we wait for the Kevin Love poker chip to fall.

More News and Notes:

Dwyane Wade yesterday resigned with the Miami Heat reportedly for 2 years 31 million dollars solidifying the smallest parts of the “Big Three”.

Immediately after the news broke the hashtag #LoyaltyOverRoyalty began to circulate, causing a stir and showing again that fans care way too much about these millionaire athletes lives, but pay no mind to the business aspect.

To the casual NBA fan the most head-scratching deal to this point has to be Chandler Parson signing up the road with Dallas for 15 million per season.

He may be slightly over-paid, but its just that, slightly.

Last year he produced 16 points 5 rebounds and 5 assist for a contending Rockets team while also being the human version of Caulk filling in every role the team needed him to.

By comparison that is the same amount of money that a broke down Dwade will get for playing 65 games this year.

#BoldFreshTakePrediction: Parsons will have a better season than both Bosh and Wade.

Early Wednesday morning the Hornets and Lance Stephenson agreed to a 3 year 27 million dollar deal. More on that later today.

The West last year was stacked and next season will be no different. The East too is going to be stacked. Even with their decline in numbers, the Heat’s stars will be good enough to make Miami a mid-level playoff team. Off the top of my head I predict them to finish 6th in the East. A team that missed the playoffs in the east this past season but has catapulted into title contention is Cleveland (for obvious reasons).

He's Back!
He’s Back!

The East was a bit of a joke last year with honestly about 5 real playoff teams and the rest as filler. Teams like Atlanta, getting back their best player in Al Horford and sixth man/ Sharp shooter John Jenkins, Washington (upgrading at SF from Trevor Ariza to Paul Pierce) will be much improved and upstarts Toronto and Charlotte have made improvements via Free Agency and will too be better for the experience from last year’s playoffs. As always you can count on at least one surprise team to rise to the occasion and perform better than expected.

This Off-season has been awesome, one long trail of gun powder with Acme brand TNT off in to the distance.

Only 4 and half more months til the fireworks begin! – Glass



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