Falcons Set to Air their Dirty Laundry, Will it Pay Off?

The NFL Season is a grind along that road is misery for many and pleasure for select few. The journey to a title takes masochistic levels of pain endurance and the only real way assuage said pain is the raise the Vince Lombardi trophy with those tired arms.

Every teams journey starts in training camp, Its that time of the year where no matter who you are there is reason for optimism and hope.

The third string punter has hope that he will make the team. The Jacksonville Jaguars have belief that they will make the playoffs. Tony Romo knows that this year is his year, well, some dreams are a little more far fetched than others.

The Atlanta Falcons have elected to begin their journey in front of millions of eyeballs on HBO’s Hard Knocks program.

Every locker room fight, 5th stringer cut and coaches curse word will be dissected like the last thing Stevie J said on that show my female friends like to watch. For better or worse this is a reality TV show.

On the one hand a team whose “face of the franchise” couldn’t be picked out a random line up of 6’4″ white guys could probably use a bit of publicity. Then on the other hand a team appearing on Hard Knocks has never actually won a Superbowl that same year. If a championship is our barometer and ultimate goal, why invite such a distraction?

The Falcons this year are as much of an enigma as any team in the league. both my fan-dom and unbiased eyes can see reasons this team can make the Superbowl or just  go 6-10.

Hopefully the latter isn’t the case because that would equal wholesale changes for a team  that is just getting used to some consistency.

Why this city has struggled so mightily to embrace Matty Ice is another whole article for another day, but one major complaint I hear in barbershops and on local radio is that he has failed to ingratiate himself with the city and community much the way Mike Vick did. Here is a chance for Ice and the entire Falcons team to show who they are and represent for ATL with the whole world watching.

Tuesday, August 5th It begins.

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