Supply & Demand Takes An Eternity But The BCS Finally Caves

After decades upon decades of pleaing, protesting, and petitioning the BCS finally changes it’s format. We are now entering the age of the College Football Playoff and sports fans nationwide couldn’t be any happier. The old BCS rankings that were computer based, underwent a lot of scrutiny over the years. The system seemed to be a well oiled machine until in 2003 when the national championship was awarded controversially. The BCS computers deemed that LSU would face Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl for what was thought to be the championship game, However many felt USC (Trojans) should have played LSU despite what the computers decided. As it played out USC beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl and LSU defeated Oklahoma in what was thought to be the title game. At season’s end the championship was split due to the final Coach’s poll recognizing LSU as #1 and the Final AP (Associated Press) recognizing the Trojans as #1. So both teams earned national championship rings and share the honor as co-champions??! Not the way the NCAA football season should conclude. If this was pee wee or Pop Warner football it would be fine and dandy. For the NCAA to end a year like this just feels like a waste; at season’s end there should be an undisputed national champion.

Little did the BCS committee know the same scenario would rear its ugly head the following season. Five teams finished the regular season unbeaten two of which were mid majors, Utah & those smurfy Broncs of Boise State. USC and Oklahoma whom started the year ranked 1 and 2 also finished the year undefeated along with the Tigers of Auburn who did the feat in the gauntlet better known as the SEC. A playoff would have been fair in this year especially but only USC and Oklahoma were able to compete for the old crystal BCS trophy. Numerous other instances have caused an uproar about the computer generated BCS rankings. For those teams in mid major conferences the computers penalized teams that had the same record as a team in a bigger conference due to strength of schedule.

Now a new era has begun in college football! A mid major has never played in a national championship game, and if this playoff format would have existed before that fact could be different. Under the new and improved format a selection committee will seed the top 25 and so on. The committee consists of 13 members. Some notable members of the selection committee are Archie Manning (father of Peyton and Eli Manning), Condoleezza Rice, Oliver Luck (father of Andrew Luck & West Virginia athletic director), and chairman of the committee Jeff Long (Arkansas athletic director). The members are restricted from voting for schools they have any affiliation with. So for example Oliver Luck can not vote for the seeding of West Virginia or Stanford which is where Andrew Luck went to school.

The committee will release their first inaugural top 25 rankings on October 28, 2014. As you can imagine many fans and analysts will be eager to see how their rankings coincide with the AP poll and Coach’s poll. The College Football Playoff selection committee will be receiving advanced metrics from ESPN to aid them in the decision making process. Strength of schedule will play an important role in how the committee will vote. So don’t be surprised if you see alot more intense non-conference games. Ultimately the four highest seeded schools will be in the running to win a national championship. Those teams will play in a semi-final game and the winners of those games will play for the new National Championship trophy. This year the semi-finals will be held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA and Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, LA. The championship game this year will be at the billion dollar play pen in Arlington, Texas. -BoSo

Official Preseason rankings will be released July 31, 2014.

Here is a proposed look at how the top 25 poll may look

1. Florida State

2. Alabama

3. Oregon

4. Auburn

5. Ohio State

6. Oklahoma


8. Michigan State

9. Baylor

10. South Carolina

11. Georgia

12. Stanford

13. LSU

14. Clemson

15. USC

16. Wisconsin

17. Notre Dame

18. Ole Miss

19. Washington

20. Missouri

21. Texas

22. Nebraska

23. Louisville

24. Duke

25. Kansas State

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