Marshawn Lynch is Bout that Action, Boss… and His Money

Training camp opened up for the Seattle Seahawks yesterday it was a time of jubilation as the defending Superbowl champs return to work; one notable face was missing though from the settling seas of confetti and mars candies, Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch is holding out for a new contract, one problem though, he hasn’t gotten rid of his old contract. He currently set to make 10.5 million over the next two years on a deal that lynch signed in 2012

I’m siding with the man commonly refered to as Skittles here though. He is 28 and just coming off a season where he was a key contributor to a championship team, what better time to exclaim “Show me the money”.

In the NFL there seems to be some magical taboo with age 30 running backs. Once a back hits the big 3-0 teams turn their back on them faster than Hollywood on a 30-year-old actress without chops so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to believe that this will be his last big deal. Why not make it count?

Seeing it from Marshawn’s perspective – scary, I know- I’m watching all these dudes around me get broken off like top 2 players at their position, while I’m the 5th highest paid RB making less than half of what Adrian Peterson makes. Sherman, Thomas and others are all deserving after the fantastic season they had, but so is Lynch.

I’m never a big fan of a player holding out with multiple years on a deal to get his contract re-negotiated, seems to me to do more harm than good, but Lynch is right here to save his body from a few blows after his 3rd consecutive 300+ touch season.

What also makes Lynch’s case different is the amount of leverage he has. If Seattle refuses his plea and chooses to put him on the trade block the loving 12th man fans will go bonkers and there will be no shortage of teams lining up to sign him.

Falcons will send SJax, a 3rd rounder and Kim Zolciak for Lynch and 10% of the heart of the Seattle fan base Deal? Deal!
Falcons will send SJax, a 3rd rounder and Kim Zolciak for Lynch and 10% of the heart of the Seattle fan base Deal? Deal!

Since coming to Seattle, Marshawn Lynch has been the definition of a workhorse back. His body will pay dearly for it one day, but today the Seahawks should pay him. – Glass

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