Sappy Love

My Hawks never get any love and once again they manage to have a quiet little off-season without making the splash that Chicago, Cleveland and New York did besides the mistake of letting Louis Williams go.  That is why I’m proud to say that Atlanta Hawks’ starting power forward Paul Millsap has been invited to workout for Team USA. He is the second Hawk along with Kyle Korever to be selected but only because both Blake Griffin and Kevin Love turned down the opportunity.  The shortage of big men and true 4s will make PM a valuable commodity to Team USA for a deep run in FIBA World Tourney.  Kenneth Faried is my man’s main competition and while Faried is a good player the clear choice is Milsap. He can stretch the floor with a solid mid range and three point shot.  Not to mention he is a burly guy who will defend the paint.  A breakdown of Team USA overall roster choices coming soon.  Congrats Milsap on the opportunity.  I know he will represent the new look Hawks well. ~AK

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