Zach Lavine Is The White Moca Latte Version Of Vinsanity.

Zach Lavine was drafted this past June by the Minnesota Timberwolves with the 13th overall selection. Standing at 6’6 181 pounds Lavine is a young promising talent for the Wolves. He played at UCLA for just his freshman year and he is only 19 years of age. 13th maybe “unlucky” in our society but in the NBA another young high flyer from Lower Merion High, Kobe Bryant, has made tremendous strides after being selected 13th overall. Minnesota can only hope given the inevitable departure of Kevin Love that this Bruin can pan out to be just as skillful and dominant.

I really didn’t no much about Lavine at all coming into the draft and even now his game is somewhat of a mystery to me. What the scouts have said and I have begun to see in highlights is that Zach is a superior athlete with a 41′ vert and a excellent three point shooter. The experts think he is too frail to play the two and he would be better suited playing point, but his playmaking skills need to improve. They maybe true but it seems as though he is part of that new hybrid of super white light skinned ballers who can soar better than Mike. First was Blake Griffin of course and then fellow rookie Aaron Gordon who has been spotlighted by ESPN for his dunking prowess.

When I saw the footage I saw from a Seattle Pro dunk contest ran by the Clippers Jamal Crawford I seriously had to adjust my tablet. I felt as though I was watching a magician at work. The only other time I had that type of awe feeling where you are just blessed to see someone showoff so effortlessly is when Vince Carter shutdown Oakland, California at the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. I now present to you the pudding that will surely make your jaw drop. I will say this and let you see for yourself but The Zach Attack is already without suiting up in my eyes one of the 3 best dunkers in the game. I do not know how this freakishly talented kid came about or what test tube housed him. Heck what planet is Zach from is the better question. Whether he has game or not we will see shortly, but boy oh boy this kid can fly Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka style. Minnesota fans can hopefully use his showstopping dunks to turn the Target Center into a safe haven. -BoSo

Drum Roll Please!!!


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