Game Royal: Nicki Minaj ft. Air Jordan

The twitter world went crazy when Nicki Minaj showcased the album art for her latest project “Anaconda”.  After achieving success with the “Pink Friday” theme, Nicki wants to get a bit more intimate with her fans on her newest album. She has ditched the bright colorful hair and weird Lady Gaga outfits. Also gone is that “barbie doll” image that helped make her famous. Instead Nicki Minaj is now stripping down to show her true self.


The “Game Royal” Jordan VI

While the entire world was going crazy over Nicki’s body, I was at FreshTakeSports wondering… “why the Game Royal”? Don’t get me wrong I love the Jordan VI, they have a prestigious history. The “VI” is the first championship Jordan, The G.O.A.T wore these shoes in the 91′ finals when he won his first ring. I understood why Nicki chose these shoes for her photo shoot, but I want to see her in a more exclusive colorway, or maybe a custom pair with real snake skin material to match up with her “Anaconda” album concept. I know I’m being picky, and half of you are wondering why I’m not talking about her ass. What’s the circumference? What about the cheek density. Sorry folks, I won’t be writing any sex novels, just be happy for the caramel eye candy.


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