Prayers for Paul George

Brotherhood : feelings of friendship, support, and understanding between people

If you’ve ever wondered about the closeness of this generations NBA players tonight was a glimpse on the other side of that one way mirror.

When Paul George went down with a genuinely gruesome right leg injury during the 4th quarter of a televised Team USA Blue v. White scrimmage the entire mood of the Thomas and Mack arena changed.

Players couldnt hide their emotions, everything was displayed vividly on their faces. There were an array of emotions from pain, to disbelief to the deathly stoic look on Derrick Rose’s face. His look was what I could best describe as understanding, with he himself going through a similar recovery journey that George is about to embark.

Searching for  a silver lining in a horrible situation, I took to twitter to see how fellow hoops fans were dealing with this travesty.

The first tweets I saw on my time line were a series of tweets from NBA vet and apparent poet laureate  Shawn Livingston

Touching and honest words from a man in Livingston who experienced a similarly gruesome injury very early in his career.

Also Georgia State’s Kevin Ware immediately chimed in

At the Post-Game press conference USA Men’s head coach Mike Krzyzewski and GM Jerry Colangelo did their best to cordially answer questions while reminding reporters that matter such as Team Cuts, Hypotheticals and even the game tonight are secondary and pale in comparison to the matter of Paul George’s health.

After taking some time to get their collective minds togehter Team USA members showed love to their brother.


We at FreshTake extend our prayers as we all wish for a full and speedy recovery for Paul George.


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