3 point Shootout!!! Kyle Korver vs Klay Thompson

If you sit though the entire 2nd round of the NBA Draft, scrutinize the coaching of a assistant’s assistant on a Summer League team and get excited for SF’s setting off ball back door screens- you might be a basketball junkie! I mean that with the most respect seeing as I myself can be classified as such. To the traditional observer our behavior is pretty obsessive and completely fucking insane pretty crazy.

For our obsession every once in awhile we are presented with a treat. That treat originally manifests itself in something that you only notice at first if you are really paying attention, but usually that treat bubbles to the surface and becomes more mainstream because, well, its awesome.

Tuesday Morning I found such a treat.

Close your eyes and imagine this, well, don’t close your eyes because its hard to read while doing so, but still imagine.

Kyle Korver. Klay Thompson. Three-Point Shooting Competition. Awesome.

It Happened after a Team USA workout. Anyone who has ever played basketball knows how quickly you can go from “shooting the shit” to a shootout, this happens to be between two of the NBA’s premiere sharp-shooters.

Just as you’d suspect its a incredible display of shooting prowess; at one point the duo bang home 15 in a row.

The secretly hilarious moment of the video is at about the 2:41 point you can see the indomitable Kenneth Faried putting up some shots one the same hoop. I’ll give him props because he wasn’t terrible, but when you’re shooting with two of the best in the world each miss turns into a Kermit moment.

Cant really tell who won but by because of my blinding Hawks bias I’m going to go with “2K”

Special thanks to whoever was the godsend holding the camera!

– Glass




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