LeBron James Family Foundation August 8th 2014

The Father, The Brother, The Super Hero, LeBron James is all of That and More.

” I understand to these kids I’m more than a role model. I’m a superhero to them. I’m a father to them. I’m a brother to them, whatever the case they want me to be on that particular day.”

Today August 8th In North Eastern Ohio LeBron James held his annual LeBron James Family Foundation Press conference. LeBron expressed how important the foundation is to him and how the condions of his upbringing influenced him to give back.

During the press conference LeBron addressed some trending topics such as Kevin Love and his new coach. When asked about Kevin Love James said “I’m going to be very excited to have him,” James said. “I don’t really care about the 26 (points) and 12 (rebounds). I care about the basketball IQ. His basketball IQ is very, very high. I had an opportunity to spend 32 days with him on the 2012 Olympic team. It’s funny. I always told Kevin Love, `You’re very good, man.’ He always thought I was blowing smoke. I always told him he was going to be a reason why we won the gold medal, and he played a huge role for us. So I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully it happens and everything is done right from a league-rules standard. He’s a great piece.”
LeBron also stated that he watched some youtube footage of his new coaches offense and that it played a role in his decision which makes me very excited about this coming season.

LeBron James is more than just a basketball player, he is Cleveland and all that it represents, Just having him back makes the team a contender and helps the city strive again for greatness , and with the addition of the new coach and possibly Kevin Love. … Well that is icing on the cake.

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