The Redskins’ season preview: Race & Football

The Washington Rednecks, I mean Racists, no wait… Redskins ugh! We haven’t cared this much about a team name since the old school Atlanta Black Crackers in the Negro Leagues.
390-Atlanta Black Crackers-Collegiate Pacific

A lot has changed since those Negro League days. People of my complexion can sit in front of the bus, we dont get attacked by the police….as much, and if you shake hands with the right people you can even be president of the United States. I wonder if Barack Obama is a Redskins fan? Barack has been president since 2008 so i know he has seen the transition from Jason Campbell, to Rex Grossman to RGIII in Washington DC.

Early reports out of skins camp is that newly hired head coach Jay Gruden will be asking RG3 to run a lot less in his ‘West Coast Offense’.  On one side, this should keep Robert Griffin healthy longer, but one can’t help but wonder how limiting his ability may actually make RG3 less effective. With the recent success of ‘Zone Read’ offenses, mobile quarter backs are the new rave in the NFL. Guys like Colin Kaepernick, Super Bowl champ Russell Wilson and RG3 all represent different examples of the new NFL prototype. However Its RG3 who takes it to another level with blazing fast 4.2 speed and extreme agility.


Robert Griffin is a capable passer but his ability to make plays with his feet separate him from every single quarter back in the league. Regardless of coach Gruden’s coaching philosophy, in order for The Skins’ to be successful this season, RG3 will have to make plays the same way he did in his rookie year. After his back to back 3200 yard passing seasons, Washington is hoping Robert Griffin can improve his passing ability with the best receiving core since his days at Baylor University.

Pierre Garcon

Pierre Garcon enters the year as RG3’s primary target. He is big, fast and when healthy he is one of the most underrated wide receivers in the NFL. Unfortunately Pierre is currently dealing with a hamstring injury in pre-season. In order for this team to reach its full potential Garcon has to find away to stay out the nurses office and remain on the field.


The former  Philadelphia Eagle, Desean Jackson might be the only player on this team who could beat RG3 in a foot race. The Desean Jackson signing give the Skins an added dimension, His ability in space in the open field is unlike most players. His only weakness is his small size and weak strength. Jackson is notorious for giving up on catches and being hesitant when running routes in the middle of the field. He does not like contact but usually finds a way to help his team by stretching the field with his big play ability.


Most players after signing a rookie contract go and buy something fancy like a Mercedes or Range Rover but Alfred Morris made news when he showed up to camp in a 21 year old Mazada 626. Back when he was in college he purchased the car from a local pastor for a dollar….Yes one dollar! The pastor would have been in violation of the NCAA’s ‘modern day slavery‘ rules if he gave it to Morris for free. Athletes are not allowed to receive gifts in college but The Skins received a gift in Alfred Morris. He’s been without a doubt the most reliable offensive player for this team since his debut in 2012. He is a strong powerful runner who keeps the chains moving and makes life easier for RG3 .

FreshTake MLK

It’s so poetic, A very offensive name, on a very offensive team. With quick speedy receivers, RG3 and even the underrated backup Kirk Cousins, the Skins are all offense. Look out for this team week 1, if they can stay healthy then they should make a lot of noise.



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