AFC Wild West Preview: Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos were sent galloping out of the Super Bowl and into the offseason.  What did the Seattle Seahawks do to make a bunch of grown men look like absolute punks?  I think I might have an idea, but the past is the past and no one wants redemption more than Peyton Manning.  The greatest quarterback on Earth will be gunning for another trip back to the big game but will they even make it out of the West?

 We all know that any team with Manning on it is the favorite no matter what the division but one man won’t mean anything if the Broncos do not address the other side of the ball.  Denver looked for the immediate fix by signing free agents Demarcus Ware from that God awful Cowboys defense last year and injury prone Aquib Talib from the New England Patriots (America’s real team).  Last season was not the first time Denver has been blown off the saddle in a Super Bowl but as an organization they always seem to get back on that wild horse and ride it to championship.  I expect this season will be no different.  Although the field in the AFC will be better I suspect Peyton will take the Broncos back to a Super Bowl as he cements his legacy as the greatest quarterback ever.  Time will only tell.


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