J.Cole’s “Be Free”, A Song Born Form Pain.

The story of the murdering Michael Brown hurt my soul not just as a young black male but as a member of the society where this type of tragedy can exist. Whether or not you believe some of the rumors that have been swirling around about who Michael was as a person or what led to the events of that dreadful night, one thing that is for certain is that young man did not deserve to die that night.

As a requiem to this young man and an ode to the plight of young black males everywhere J. Cole dropped the song “Be Free”.  It’s a deep ethereal ballad that evokes memories that we’d sometimes like to forget. Cole’s pain is felt from the opening line as he asks the question “Am I in denial?” with a trembling in his voice.

In a blog post unveiling the track, Cole wrote candidly about Brown’s death and the feelings it inspired in him. “That coulda been me, easily,” he wrote. “It could have been my best friend. I’m tired of being desensitized to the murder of black men.”

Find the song here and please continue to follow this story as our history continues progress before our eyes.

The stories of change are written in ether and blood and these are the lines to that novel.

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