The Problem with The Plan

Alright here’s the deal, I’m not high on my Falcons this year. It’s not because I’m some fair weather fan who is only down when things are awesome, no its because there were a few glaring weaknesses that Atlanta needed to address this off season for this upcoming season to offer any glimmer of hope to fulfill our Super Bowl dreams.

Those things were protecting Matt Ryan and adding personnel to harass the opposing teams QB. The Falcons signed Jon Asomough to be the starting RG and drafted potential stud LT Jake Matthews getting us off to a fine start, well on the way to addressing the needs at least on one side of the ball. Then the Atlanta brass chose to quixotically undermine that progress by re-signing the undersized and the oft–injured Sam Baker to a large long term deal. I get it, the falcons put a tremendous amount of faith that with this deal Baker would feel the faith they have in him and perform up to par. Unfortunately he responded to that gaff of faith by getting injured again to no one’s surprise.  Now his 9 million dollar cap hit this year and 7 million dollar hit the next are pretty much dead weight money.

I’m not one to point fingers but missed signing after missed signing  and missed draft pick after missed draft pick someone eventually has to turn to the person making these decisions and ask “Are you sure you know what the hell you’re doing?” I believe that Thomas Dimitroff is a really smart guy and highly capable of creating a contending, but his track record with Atlanta is at best a mixed bag.

Take a look at the Falcons top 120 Draft picks from 2008 til last season:

Is this the best we can do?
Is this the best we can do?

For every Matt Ryan there are Chevis Jacksons and Mike Johnsons who didn’t even start 5 games before being released. The 2009 and 2010 draft classes without William Moore and Sean Weatherspoon, respectively, would be non-existent. You have to get more from top draft picks.

I don’t want to turn this into a Negative Nancy article and just bash on the sup par talent evaluation job Atlanta has done, this era of Falcons football has bee the most consistently successful of any in the history of the organization.

While I am happy typing that sentence I also feel like it is a crutch. Expectations are in fact a good thing. It means that people actually expect more than the norm from you that they see greatness in you at least potential greatness. The Falcons recent success has set a precedent of excellence, we as fans no longer view a 9 win season as a success. Just two years ago we were as close as any team has ever been to the Super Bowl without actually tasting the sweet green turf.  Now we as fans refuse to settle.

I want the Falcons to do great things, without regard I will always root for the team. My only hope is to see them play up to the heights I know this team can reach and unfortunately the moves we made this off-season don’t reflect the ambition of Super Bowl or bust. The Falcons played it safe, again. I fear that will yet again be the teams downfall.

I’m certain that in the offices of every Falcons personnel guy there is some sort of inspirational saying of sorts. Some cliché and some with personal meaning but, what they should all say is

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”

Come on Falcons, you can do better than this. – Glass

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