Anfield Welcomes Super Mario

Liverpool FC have acquired the services for superstar striker Mario Balotelli for 16 million pounds from AC Milan. After the departure of Luis Suarez this summer to Barcelona many questions were asked about were the goals would come from. Suarez lead the team and premiership with 31 goals last season. Suarez and Daniel Sturridge were quite the duo last season both accounting for 55 of the teams 101 goals last season. Balotelli is a more than suitable replacement for Suarez and the partnership of Sturridge and Balotelli looks to be a quite menacing one. Last season Balotelli recorded 18 goals for AC Milan in the Serie A.

For Liverpool the baggage that Balotelli brings along with his superb skills may make this transfer a gloomy one. Balotelli is well documented for his wild antics and short temper. Manager Brendan Rodgers is known for being a disciplinarian so something will definitely have to give. The flamboyant Balotelli will need to tone it down a tad but completely changing his swagger may not be the anecdote. A good balance for Balotelli will be paramount as the fans love a good showman within reason I feel. The Anfield faithful will look forward to seeing Super Mario’s exploits on the pitch. Mr. Liverpool and Captain Steven Gerard will have the responsibility of helping Balotelli with the transition back to the premiership. -BoSo

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