Anniversary of a Legend: The MisEducation of Lauryn Hill

How You Gonna win when you ain’t right within

Today marks the 16 year anniversary of one of the greatest albums in hip-hop history. When Lauryn Hill dropped ‘The Miseducation’ in 1998 the hip-hop universe was a very different place. Ma$e wasn’t a pastor, Diddy was still Puffy, and in the wake of the Biggie Smalls murder, the rap game was wide open and looking for a new king. However very few expected a Queen to claim the throne, but on August 25th Lauryn did just that.


The voters got it right in 1999 when Lauryn Hill brought home 5 awards, including the highly coveted *Album of the Year.

What makes ‘The MisEducation’ so special is the uniqueness it brought to the table. Not since Sista Soulja and Queen Latifiah has hip-hop had a socially conscious female artist. However with no disrespect to both those ladies, Lauryn Hill’s lyrical prowess is in a different league.  Making socially conscious music is one thing, but actually making good quality, catchy singles with a biblical message is something that comes around once a generation.The unique mixture of her hometown New Jersey streets, and the Caribbean flavor she picked up from Wyclef and Rohan Marley combined for a special piece of hip-hop history that has yet to be duplicated.

I miss all the things that Lauryn represented, In a rap game filled with superficial barbies and ghost written, lip synching Australians, I leave you with one question. “Who will be the next Lauryn Hill?” … Its been 16years in the making.

We need you…whoever you are…wherever you are


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