Bye Felicia, Hey Brad!

When the University of Miami Hurricanes opens their season  under center will be true freshman Brad Kaaya. This young man is a 6’4”, Elite 11 QB with a cannon for an arm, but the most interesting thing about him actually isn’t about him at all; it’s about his mother.

Kaaya’s mom is the lovely Angela Means an actress from the 90’s who was in the House Party franchise, Cult kids show Cousin Skeeter and most notably as Felicia from Friday, where she gets cooly dismissed with the catchphrase “Bye Felicia”.

Yup, that's Brad's Mom!
Yup, that’s Brad’s Mom!

The phrase has recently regained life on social media outlets with the news of Kaaya signing with The U and ultimately winning the starting QB job. His mother, of course appreciates the attention but hopes the focus will be on her sons current and future accomplishments not her past.

Even in wishing good luck to Brad in all his future endeavors we here at FreshTake couldn’t  help but harken back to one of the great scenes in one of the great comedies of the 90’s… as if we needed an excuse.

The U opens their season next Monday on the road vs That disloyal son of a bitch Bobby Petrino Louisville

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