Oh My Bradford! The Star Remains Dormant For Another Tear.

In a very critical year for Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and starting quarterback Sam Bradford it has already went down the toilet for one and the fate of the other may soon follow. Bradford hoped to recover from a torn ACL he suffered last season in week 7 versus the Carolina Panthers. Bradford was in route to a breakout year last year only to have it end in utter disappointment. Through 7 games Bradford had thrown 14 TDs to only 4 picks with a 60.7 completion percentage. Prospectively speaking Bradford would have ended the year with 3600 yards passing 33 TDs and only 10 INTs. These numbers could have been even better because the emergence of stud running back Zac Stacy did not occur until after Bradford’s season ending injury.

Fast forward into this “season” and Bradford won’t be taking the 1st team snaps come Week 1. In Saturday nights preseason tuneup versus the Cleveland Browns Bradford sadly and coincidentally tore the same (left) ACL. Is his doctor to blame?? Or is it just one of those random freak occurrences. Either way my heart goes out to Derrick Rose I mean Sam Bradford. All jokes aside I hope Sam has a speedy recovery. The Oklahoma Heisman trophy winner has had a history of being plagued by injuries throughout his collegiate career. That was always the question when it came to how Bradford would excel in the NFL. He clearly has the propensity and skill to quarterback, but the durability has hindered his growth big time. In 2008 Sam Bradford won the coveted Heisman trophy as a sophomore becoming the second sophomore to win the trophy. Timothy Tebow was the first sophomore to win the trophy the previous season. After Bradford won the Heisman trophy he decided to return to school even though he would have been a lock to be the 1st QB taken in the 2009 NFL Draft. The top guns of the 2009 class consist of Matthew Stafford (Georgia), Mark Sanchez (USC Trojans), Josh Freeman (Kansas State), and Pat White (West Virginia). That decision to return to school his junior year look to be costly when Bradford injured his shoulder in the Sooner’s first game in 2009. He was out for five weeks only to return to injure the same shoulder after one injury free game against Baylor. Luckily for Bradford he was still able to be the 1st overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft 

Now the St. Louis Rams have to decide what to do with Bradford. In back to back years their franchise quarterback’s season has ended prematurely to the lethal clutches of the ACL. Most people would think that the Rams will look to go in a different direction. It will not come cheap for the Rams by any stretch. When Bradford was drafted the new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) was a year from being implemented. Soooooooooo Bradford made out like a bandit as did everyone drafted in the first round before him as well (Ask Jamarcus Russell). His rookie contract is reportedly a 6 year 78 million dollar deal. This season would make it year 5 meaning Bradford still has another year on his rookie contract. In the rookie contract 50 million of the 78 mil is guaranteed!!! Bradford has already collected roughly 42 million and this year he is expected to make a guaranteed 14 million dollars for the 2014 season. If the Rams go another direction next year they will have to pay out the rest of Bradford’s contract wish looks to be about 13 million dollars Bradford would make guaranteed for free for the 2015 season. 

Now the situation in St. Louis looks bleak to me because Shaun Hill will now take on the role of the starting quarterback for the Rams. If I am Jeff Fisher I would be calling Brett Favre right about now!!! Other QBs on the the Rams depth chart as of now are Austin Davis (Southern Miss) and rookie Garrett Gilbert (SMU). Notable free agent quarterbacks that the Rams may want to workout is recently retired Vince Young although Jeff Fisher probably would not fancy coaching Vince again. Kyle Orton, Kevin Kolb, Jon Kitna, John Skelton, Seneca Wallace, Josh Freeman, Dennis Dixon, David Garrard, dare I say the infamous Tim Tebow would be one hell of a tandem with the media uproar Michael Sam has brought. So we shall see if Jeff Fisher and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer elect to ride the arm of Shaun Hill for the whole season. Either way the Rams need to make the playoffs in a loaded NFC WEST that features Super Bowl Champs the Seattle Seahawks and the staunch San Francisco 49ers. -BoSo

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