NFL Wrap Week 4. Part 1

Anybody who has grown up with an older, wiser influence in their life has heard the saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover”.  I agree with that sentiment, but it’s traditionally our job as analysts to make snap judgments on the fly usually with little context to our perceived facts, outside of what immediately just happened, while that is the usual protocol I do like it when I get to look at things with a little bit of context.

Week 4 is the first opportunity to time stamp an NFL season, it’s the quarter mark. This week we are going to pop off The Wrap with a few observations and some predictions on some trends will go for the rest of the year. As you have seen with my BOLD predictions even a bit of context more than likely wont save my wretched predictions for this wacky year so we are going to call these: Continue reading NFL Wrap Week 4. Part 1

We Went There! Fresh Take Sports at the Outkast #AtLast Concert

If you were in Atlanta during the final weekend of September, Centennial Park was the place to be. Good food, good weather and OUTKAST! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I said it, OutKast! The hometown heroes ended their reunion tour in the heart of Georgia with a 3 day sold out stint.

The city of Atlanta came alive this weekend for Outkast
The city of Atlanta came alive this weekend for Outkast

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Weekly Pick ’ems

Welcome to Week 4 of the Fresh Take Zone with yours truly, Rahmad Hawkins. Here we jump into another week of the NFL. The season is quickly progressing and some teams are starting to mesh pretty well and others are still trying to work out the kinks but through it all it is turning out to be some pretty good football. Some teams that I did not expect to start out slow were the 1-2 Saints, Niners, Packers and Colts but the rest of the league is just as I predicted. Moving forward, the premier games in my opinion for the week are Panthers vs. Ravens, Eagles vs. Niners and Saints vs. Cowboys. Continue reading Weekly Pick ’ems

BoSo’s Week 4 NFL Fresh Picks

Your boy is back and in Week 3 I only had a few hiccups. I am starting to see what teams can do given the match-ups they face so I expect you guys to be eerily shocked by my football acumen. Last week I got back on track going 10-6 in Week 3 bringing my season total to 25-23 on the year so far. I fully expect the W’s to create DeSean Jackson-like separation from the L’s. Speaking of which, I must boast about my bold predictions for Week 3 as well, they were practically spot on.! Let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we. Here was my bold prediction ” Kniles Davis will rush for 150 yards and Kirk Cousins will throw for 350 yards with 3 TDs (pass)… DeSean Jackson will account for 150 of that yardage.” Continue reading BoSo’s Week 4 NFL Fresh Picks

FreshTake NFL Wrap: Week 3

Welp, that didn’t take long for me to look like a complete moron, one week into the bold predictions segment of The Wrap and I am an astounding ½ out of 4.

Here were the BP’s from last week with the results in parenthesis.

The Over/Under for the Packers- Lions game is 52, I’m taking the Over (The Correct answer was Under, way, way under this matchup of Gunslinger QB’s turned into a defensive stand-off 19-7. SURPISE!)

Derek Carr Outduels Tom Brady to the tune of 275+ yards and 2 touchdowns.  (Carr: 174 Yards 0 TDs. Brady: Better than that BS you just read. Derek Carr is now “David” til further notice.)

Falcons don’t record a sack in their Thursday night game against Tampa, but still manage to win 44-23. (According to the rule I just made up for the purposes of saving face I’m half right on this one. The Falcons dominated in their win 56-14 and- thankfully- recorded a few sacks of the ever embattled QB Josh Mckown.)

Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, and Welker all over 80 Yards as Denver wipes the floor with Seattle. (excuse me for a moment) hahahahaha…Welp, this seems like as good a place as any to start with our Week 3 Wrap

“I Know I shouldn’t say this, but I actually wanted Overtime, I live for those moments”.  –Russell Wilson

Maybe Tony Dungy wasn’t too far off in his comparison of Russ to Joe Montana a few weeks back because Russ and Seahawks are very good at Football.

The prodigal son has returned!
The prodigal son has returned!

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56-Lovie: Falcons Dole out Primetime Spanking

On Thursday night the anticipation built to a boil  as people began standing in line in anticipation of the latest gadgets from Apple, the iPhone 6 and 6+. Many people camped out ready for a wait time of 10+ hours. Me, personally, I find that to be crazy. The idea that I would stand outside waiting to spend money on a phone (or sneakers) is one of those things that makes you question where our values lie as a society. The newest iPhones and the IOS 8.0 are supposed to be a bigger leap in terms of technology and functionality than any of the transitions to previous newer models; this is what makes the people want need to have it. This is also yet another example of the genius marketing by Apple. I honestly believe there would be a line around the corner for devices such as the iToaster, iMilk Carton, or iDiapers; they just have to slap that little half bitten apple on there and voila!

Oh yeah, there was a football game last night...
Oh yeah, there was a football game last night…

As leery as I am of technology I do suppose there are worst ways to spend a Thursday evening, like how the Tampa Bay Bucs did while in Atlanta. Nope, there were no strip clubs (though there may have been a trail of broken hearts, empty tears and crushed dreams), and there certainly wasn’t any joyous celebration. Nope, just a good old fashioned ass whippin’ at the hands of Matt–Don’t call me Matthew-Ryan and the Falcons team we have all be waiting to see. Continue reading 56-Lovie: Falcons Dole out Primetime Spanking

Weekly Pick ’ems

Welcome to Week 3 for another Fresh Take Zone!!!!  Last week was a surprise but not a shocker, with so many upsets in my opinion. It really makes you remember that all of these guys in the NFL are there for a reason and that on any given Sunday there is always a possibility of things taking a twist which reflected in my picks. My let down of the week were the Falcons, but let’s be honest we are talking about the Falcons. I have high hopes this season for them and I have faith that they will turn it around.  My top games for this week are Denver vs. Seattle, Green Bay vs. Detroit and Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta. Continue reading Weekly Pick ’ems