Rahmad Hawkins’ Locks of the Week!

It’s time to kick off this new NFL season the right way, here with me, Rahmad Hawkins, in #TheFreshTakeZone. We are going to start it off with my predictions for the four best games, in my opinion, of Week 1. Prior to me doing so, I must say that after the way the Super Bowl played out I would not be surprised if the Seahawks repeated. I had to throw that in there for the 12th man. I am looking forward to seeing Johnny Football in action as well as the Giants. Believe it or not but they are due for one of those magical runs that they have every few years. There is so much anticipation for all of the hard hitting games, the spectacular plays and the big upsets. I will be your host this season right here and only here at Fresh Take Sports. Let the festivities begin.

The first of my top four games is the Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks. This game is highly anticipated and rightfully so for many reasons. I am looking for Aaron Rodgers to come out sharp and send a message to the rest of the league saying don’t forget about us; we are The Packers. On the other end, everyone is looking for the flaws in Seattle. As the Super Bowl Champions, they have a huge target on them as everyone they face will be looking to show them they are ready to dethrone the champs. I am personally ready to see if Seattle’s defense can sustain the greatness that they provided last season, if not then there will be tremendous pressure on the offense. They say pressure makes diamonds but in this case I believe it will break the Seahawks.

My Pick – Seahawks

The New Orleans Saints come to visit the Atlanta Falcons. This game is important for both teams. The Saints need this game to show that they mean business and that they are the same Super Bowl team of the past; that they have not lost their dominance in the division and in the NFL; but most important they are going to have to remind the Falcons that they are going to have to make it through New Orleans to get to the next step being the Super Bowl. The Falcons need to come out clicking on all cylinders, after the disappointing seasons of the past; the city, the fans and the organization all are ready for the Falcons to “Rise Up” and show the league that they are worthy to be mentioned as one of the elite teams, and that they deserve the new stadium. Coach Mike Smith needs to show improvement for the Falcons to believe that they can go all the way.

My Pick – Falcons

The Indianapolis Colts will be in a showdown once again with the Denver Broncos. The young talent of Andrew Luck vs. the legend of Peyton Manning. Luck is once again going into this game to show off his abilities and show the league and Peyton that he is ready to take the crown for top quarterback in the NFL. Peyton on the other hand will be showing us classic Peyton, his resilience is what I expect. I look forward to the Broncos bouncing back after the horrific Super Bowl performance and this game being the first is the best solution to the do it. I am looking forward to seeing the Denver Broncos as a whole perform. I am a Denver fan but inside my heart says luck is going to have a huge game.

My Pick – Denver

The 49ers vs. The Cowboys. A true all around ready to go team is what i believe the 49ers are. I am looking to see Colin Kaepernick’s progression and if he can increase his passing percentage. Colin also needs to find a way to incorporate more weapons into the offensive scheme and lead the team more vocally. Once Colin commands his soldiers the rest will fall into place. “How ’bout them Cowboys?” Of course Jerry Jones will amp up the Cowboys, because he would not want to lose the opener in his home, the one of a kind stadium, the stadium of all stadiums, but there is one problem. He has the most unpredictable quarterback in Tony Romo. I actually believe that Tony will have a decent game until the fourth quarter and that is when he will be everything that he has shown us in the past. It will be a good game but in the end the Niners will enjoy their first victory.

My Pick49ers

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