2 thoughts on “The FreshCast: Episode 2”

  1. I’m liking the podcast fellas, keep it up and expecting to hear more. I agree with many of the points made, especially about the Hawks owner. I never saw the Ray Rice video, ain’t tryna see it, but he definitely wrong, and given the long, long history of domestic violence, its good that its being dealt in the public atmoaphere and on a national stage.

    Honestly, the difference with how Jay and Ray situations were viewed isn’t fair, but it couldn’t really be handled any other way, especially when something like 2-3 women are killed a day in domestic violence situations. To be fair though, in some circles Jay was praised for how he handled it (C That god) and Solange is still the butt of many a joke.

    Sad that it happened, but I like what you said, Ray Rice the man failed miserably.

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